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Jeff starts speaking at 9:40.

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Thanks for video embed. I missed it live since I live on the other side of the world.

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God dammit John Vignocchi you've made me cry again.

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Have to say, it was great to see Ryan's wife there. A lovely tribute to one hell of a man.

Just when you thought Ryan couldn't have been more awesome, those that loved him prove yet again what a special person he was. Johnny V got me going especially.
Oh and Ryan burning that money might be the greatest thing ever. Duder is missed big time.

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Haven't stopped thinking about his absence but damn this really worsened it. RTD fo life

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:( Johnny V.

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I wanted to watch this, I still want to watch this, but man the audio sucks, I'll have to mess around with windows later and to mono and balance it out.

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Dan Teesdale's video was just the best. That was a great panel.

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Does anyone have a reasonably clean screengrab of that one photo where Ryan's casually "oh I got this ring" and Dave/Jeff/some others are all shocked/bemused/tittering behind hands that was in the original slideshow at the start of this panel?

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Johnny V. made me cry, god damn i'm gonna miss him

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Great panel! Anyone know if this will be on the site to download later this week?

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Oh wow. I shut down todays Checkpoint for a few minutes and then see Graham Starks again in this video. To tell me Loading Ready Run are filming a documentary show thing for Cards against humanity for a little competition they made.

Still watching for the Tribute show.

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That was a great tribute and panel. I didn't really find the Bob Ducca stuff all that funny (mostly because I have no idea who he is), but the package Vinny put together and that fucking gif of Ryan has to be the highlight of the show.

Thanks, Ryan. <>

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It was an awesome show. Great job Max organizing that.

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This was an amazing panel and tribute to a great duder ,it made you split your sides with laughter and cry like a baby at the sametime. RIP Big man .

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Thanks so much. I missed it live.

Really glad to see this was a thing.

Edit: Godamnit. I thought I got all the tears out weeks ago, but they came rushing back watching this. Despite having never met you, I'll really miss you Ryan. RIP.

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That was great. Is the Giant Bomb panel up on twitch anywhere?

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That was great. Is the Giant Bomb panel up on twitch anywhere?

It wasn't streamed out live. It won't be up on the site until Vinny and Drew get back in the office with the video they made

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That was amazing to watch thank you @erhard for posting this up.

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Seeing Johnny break like that was powerful as fuck.

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A fitting tribute, glad all these guys did this.

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That was really great.

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If I had not broken up a little bit near the start i would have been destroyed by Johnny.

Also Brads clip of Ryan laughing at pigeons is great and I lived that. I was playing Max payne with him, the servers were fucking up, the load times were long and it was just a pain. Had the stream going on my pc in the living room had my xbox on in the bedroom I am stretching during the loooong load times. Peak round to catch what the guys are up to and I just hear "THOSE PIGEONS ARE FUCKING!" "Vinny!! Get the camera on those pigeons!!"

Fucking had me laughing hard and was not prepared for the game and neither was Ryan. It was a brilliant time.

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This was an amazing panel. It made me laugh and cry in equal measure

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That was great!

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great panel!

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Thanks for posting the full video! I missed it and really wanted to see it.

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JohnnyV pls ;_;

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When does the johnny V part start

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When Jeff first starts talking he sounds like Will Arnett.

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Awesome panel, I always feel better when they make me laugh after having such heavy emotions in the air.

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Damn, Johnny really got to me. Bravo to him and everyone else for putting this together. Hearing Bob Ducca say "Ryan Davis" made my head explode.

Also, the Nagasaki/Scottie Pippen comparison was hilarious.

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Johnny V got me.

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I was a simultaneously sobbing mess of tears and laughs through the whole thing. It found it incredibly touching that so many great industry people came to pay their respects, from @enemynanners (his wife) to @johnnyv and John Drake and the Xbox Live guys (E and Stepto) and the GoW guy and so on . . . but I was particularly moved by @johnnyv and Brad Muir. I didn't know Brad. I just kind of admired him from afar and was on the receiving end of a couple hilarious comments over the years from him. And yet, I think about him every day.

I get both very sad and very angry more or less just about every day, over him leaving us. But to see people who really did know him open up and be so frank and generous with their emotions and thoughts and share those things with the rest of us . . . it was incredibly touching.

This was one of the finest examples of the human beings in the gaming industry -- press and production both. This is what every troll and angry youth needs to familiarize themselves with from this point forward. These were all great people on this panel and I have a great deal of respect for all of them. Leave it to Ryan Davis to bring about one of the most real and heartwarming examples of humanity in gaming.

I think that if I were a younger man, I would ponder how I could go about living the rest of my life in such a way that when I passed, I would receive even a fraction of the love, affection, and kind thoughts and memories from people that Ryan deserves and receives. Hell, as an old man, I find myself pondering this a lot since Ryan passed, too. If you can find a way to be yourself and not let people get to you, and still be friendly, funny, generous of spirit... if you can be warm to people... if you can pick people up no matter your penchant for sarcasm and clever meanness... then you have done well in life. If you can leave behind the legacy of a Ryan Davis . . . then you have won life.

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If I ever get the chance to meet Johnny, I've gotta give that man a hug.

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Have to say, it was great to see Ryan's wife there. A lovely tribute to one hell of a man.

Just when you thought Ryan couldn't have been more awesome, those that loved him prove yet again what a special person he was. Johnny V got me going especially.

Oh and Ryan burning that money might be the greatest thing ever. Duder is missed big time.

I just kept seeing one well-known industry person after another coming up to pay their respects. It sounds dumb, but I really needed to see that. I am so grateful to Max Temkin for arranging that panel. I completely respect how everyone chooses to deal with the lost of their family and friend, but at the same time I've just wanted to see people get emotional (even angry) over his passing, because that is how *I* have been feeling, too. So this was weirdly . . . cathartic. To see so many important people sharing their love of Ryan. I am sure the cast would have been even broader and deeper if the room was larger and people didn't have other business obligations during PAX.

Also, I've been following Ryan's wife for quite awhile (er.. on twitter) and . . . I don't know her, but I have such admiration for her. She is sweet, funny, kind, clever, and seems to be really strong. I have lost both a parent and a fiance and I could never even have dreamed to have coped with either of those the way she seems to. I'm sure it isn't remotely as easy as she makes it look, but . . .

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That whole video was awesome. A great tribute.

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God damnit Johnny Vignocchi...

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anything + Ryan Davis = epic

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Thanks for posting this. Is there any way to get the giantbomb panel too?