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Yeah, the quality is great and that point has already been hammered home by multiple users in this thread already, but as someone who is going to school and isn't working, money is extremely tight so having access to awesome sales from Steam, Green Man Gaming and others is pretty huge for me.

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I get like that sometimes as I just desperately want 1080p60 to be the standard of all games and lately it seems developers have been putting in a good amount of effort into their PC versions like Bioshock Infinite and Far Cry 3 and the console versions look pretty dumb down as a result so there is that incentive to play on PC.

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I have been gaming on the PC pretty much my whole life so hard to say. Generally I tend to buy a PC midway through a console's life cycle because PC's would have gotten cheap enough by that point to play most of the console games much better than the consoles. Then I get the next generation console as an upgrade to that PC and then repeat the process. So, for example, I got a PC in early 2004 that kept me going until I got a PS3 in 2008. Then I got another PC in 2010 that has kept me going until now. And next I'll buy a PS4 or Durango as an upgrade to that.

I rent a lot of games so I tend to play them on consoles. When I buy a game, though, it's pretty much always on the PC. Though I might break down and buy The Last of Us.

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I only turn on my Ps3 to play Tekken Tag 2 these days. I can't get past how awful the games look on current gen consoles. Thank God I could rebuy Dark Souls for PC because the PS3 version looks like smeared shit.

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Well, subjectively you may feel like that. Im guessing screen tearing doesnt bother you either?

But PC being what it is and offering more variety clearly has the upper leg in the matter.

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I built mine in October and I only play that and my 3DS now. I agree with you on the graphics but the incredibly cheap prices are what spoils me.

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I was pretty staunchly PC for many years, but as I've gotten older, my patience for Nvidia's BS drivers and futzing with config files has been wittled down to nothing. When I get home from work, it's turn on the PS3 to get Netflix or a game running, or grab the iPad and read. The last game that got me to go sit at my desk again and play a PC was SC2:HOTS, and that was because Blizzard makes PC games that work, always. The delta on making most PC games run smoothly on my machine vs. grabbing a disk and throwing it in a console is too much.

And Big Picture isn't there yet to make Steam my "lean-back" experience. so many games don't have full controller support. Also, I like the fact that when I'm done playing Bioshock I can switch to Netflix without having to pull out a mouse and keyboard. When Steam gets Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon, and I throw this POS Nvidia graphics card out the window, maybe we'll talk.

EDIT: also, JRPGs. not that big on PC. Ni No Kuni was great, but a pretty console-only experience.

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Born and raised PC gamer. I don't like to compare platforms or shit on consoles, to each their own and what they can afford, different strokes and all that.

But yeah, I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have had my first encounter as an infant with games on a PC rather than a Nintendo, I grew up tinkering with software and finding fixes, applying fantastic mods, playing groundbreaking games by id and Valve and Bioware, and turning the keyboard from a school peripheral used for essays, into a good friend whose every nook and cranny I know.

It really is a machine of wonder, it defies all conventions and always pushes the envelop with mind blowing innovation, a man with a gaming computer is like Alice in wonderland.

God bless the PC, man. Been going strong since 1994, this thing will always have my dedication because it's so awesome.

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I was always split between the two but leaned more towards PC gaming. I had at least one of every generation console with NES, then Genesis, then Playstations 1-3. PS3 came out and I figured I'd stick to that since computers were so expensive. Then about 3 and a half years ago, I built just an entry level gaming rig and never turned back. My PS3 has literally become a DVR for me to watch TV shows in my bedroom with. Now, even though the machine is still expensive today, here I am, highly considering spending thousands of dollars on a new computer at the end of this year. I bet the money I've saved just from sales over the past few years will pay the difference between a PS4/XBox 720 and my new ridiculous machine I'm going to build.