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My wife and I had a great time meeting you all! Everything from Patrick's talk to the afterparty to the bar was awesome! I'm really hoping that we can get some kind of regular meetup together. If you were at the meetup or live in eastern lower MI(either one!), post! If there are enough of us who are willing, we should get together our own meetup! So call out!

The two of us live in Ann Arbor!

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I didn't get to make the talk or meetup (detroit here), pretty disappointed but probably would of awkwardly relegated myself to the shadowy corner anyway.

What was the turnout like? For the meetup I mean. I always wondered just how many duders reside in Michigan.

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I stole my wife from Michigan and she would've totally gone to the meet-up. Sadly I stole her all the way to Norway so it didn't happen.

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@geirr It's ok. Technically I stole mine from Germany.

@ontheinterwebs Turnout was somewhere ~20 duders. And considering that plenty of us are also the kind of people who hide in a shadowy corner, you'd have been fine. GB Duders don't let anyone stay out in the cold!

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I was the guy in the Galak-Z shirt who had way too much to drink and somehow didn't get a hangover this morning. I live in the Northville-Novi area, and I'd gladly attend any future meetups in our corner of the state, schedule permitting.

Great meeting everybody, of course! I've already forgotten names for everyone (I'm terrible with that), but it's great to be able to tie usernames to people I remember.

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Oh hey, I notice this immediately after I posted in the other thread. Anyway, I was the loud guy in the blue and green patterned button-up and fauxhawk. I'm also super awful with names, so this is the part where I tie what you guys looked like with your usernames. And I'll second the part about not being able to hide in the shadowy corner, it seemed like everyone was engaged and talking to others.

Glad I got to meet all of you guys!

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Our litle post-Patrick circle at the end of the night was great. Finding out drunk angry-about-Minecraft dude wasn't sure if "is that a dude or a chick?" while looking at me from behind made for a good story to share.

Dude just didn't fucking understand how his son could like that "80's looking shit" instead of shooting zombies in Black Ops 2. You got passion, drunk angry dude. Hope he starts a blog.

All in all a good night.

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It was so great to meet so many duders!! I was the girl in the striped sweater :) I hope we can get a regular meetup going. Best part of the night: drunk middle aged ladies asking to borrow the TED badges.

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I got to howells a little early, and holy crap did I get some looks from locals(though I got some approving looks from what looked like other early bombers, that was cool).

It was nice to streetpass people, I'm definitely down for another meet up. Possibly a more central locale, like lansing or ann arbor?

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No love for Florida from the GB crew. :(

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@the_boots You make a good point sir. I'm Spartacus!

Sounds like I missed out on some prime drunkedness, count me in for any future meet-ups. Video games y'all.

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I used to live in Michigan! Makes me happy to see so many people met up and had a good time. :)

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@rubberluffy: At first I thought that guy was part of the community, because the first thing I saw him do was come over and shake Patrick's hand, then he looked at me and lifted his beer glass in greeting. Of course this was before I knew that same beer glass would soon be teetering over your head. I guess some people just get emotional about Minecraft.

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Oh god the almost full glass of beer sloshing around over my shoulder/back was nerve-wracking. Thinking back I shouldn't have even been worried, I bet that dude goes on drunken spiels all the time without spilling a drop.

And yeah I was totally confused by this dude coming up and just introducing himself but it soon became clear he was just very drunk and a bit too into Patrick's wife.

Also when I told him I didn't really play or get Minecraft I swear he thought I was a kindred spirit.

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Hi, everyone!

As I said in the other thread, I'm Jon, the guy who was wearing the 2013 member's shirt. I'm down with future meetups, as long as I don't have a crazy amount of homework at the time!

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My wife and I live in Lansing, and both wanted to go, but unfortunately it was just a little too late and a little too far. I'd be down for a future meet up though, for sure.

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Was there in the marussia shirt mostly talking about drew and his f1 mistakes lol. Sadly I'm looking at iracing prices now...

Also heard Patricks wife talk about their proposal at evil bong wrath of the bong premier. Good stuff all around.

I'm on the east side of the state like on lake st. Clair. Any meet up could be cool and fun.

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So I know last night I was saying that I'd PM everyone, but I realised it makes more sense for all of you guys to PM me your email if you'd like to be added to the meetup list.

I'm Pat by the way, I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you all! I was running around trying to make sure there was beer on the table.

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Hey, everyone! I was one of the TEDxUMDearborn planning committee members and while I didn't get to chat with most of you at the meetup at Howell's, it was rad talking to those that made it to the after party. Thanks for the camera tips, Scott (or was it Steve?)! Hope everyone that attended TEDxUMDearborn enjoyed the event!

@geirr: Oddly, I moved from Norway to Michigan. ;)

EDIT: If anyone is up for exchanging gaming handles...I'm usually on Steam under "lostingaming" and sometimes on PSN under "lostingaming."

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@michaelfossback I'm hoping to start a "Michigan Duders Association" now that I know there's so many of us. I'm gonna make an email list and try to put together a "newsletter" for those interested. I'll try to set up a Google group and Steam group as well

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It was great seeing Patrick and hanging out with everyone! I was the girl in the Persona 4 shirt. I'd totally be up for more meetups in the future :D

My steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/gigadance if anyone wants to be friends on there.

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(Pudgy bearded guy in grey sweater and purple collar here, aka Nate)

Thanks for an awesome night everybody. It's a rare treat for me to talk games with people who aren't already in my close circle of friends. Hanging out with all of you, not to mention Patrick and his wife, was severely awesome.

I'm 100% down with future meetups. I'm in the Royal Oak area myself.

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@jesterpc238: Let us know if you do that. If not, I can helm it!

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