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I'm about to buy one of these games which one should it be. I'm pretty much just gonna play Symphony of the night if I get Castlevania .

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I was gonna put a poll but I forgot and don't know how to do it know. If I can. it's probably worth noting that I'm getting them for PSP if ya didn't know.

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@TwelveFootFour: Both are great games. What do you want more? Star in an doorm room epic battle against the forces of evil, or whipping your way through dracula's castle in the lengthy, somber and great Rondo of Blood and Castlevania Shymphony of the Night?

Both are solid choices.

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This is an apples to oranges situation as both are fairly good purchases. Would you like a package that features a game with metroid like exploration and an old school sidescrolling action game with updated graphics? (If yes, get castlevania) Or would you prefer a JRPG with some heavy visual novel elements? (if yes get persona)

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Well... are you more into JRPGs or Castlevania style games?

I mean, they're both great. Though, Persona 3 is absurdly cheap right now. I'd get both.

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I really don't know. I do know I like castlevania sotn It's up there for me. I never played persona 3 I like persona 1 I really can't decide. it's so hard.

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I'm a Castlevania fan personally so I'd go with Castlevania X Chronicles. It really is quite a solid package and the games included offer plenty of challenge.

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Castlevania X has 3 games - SoTN, Rondo of Blood, RoB remake.

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Strange choices, but I am gonna go with Persona 3. That game is pretty amazing, and I have not played that particular Castlevania.

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Symphony of the night is great, though personally i'd go for Persona 3. Has a lot more narrative to it along with variance from the S-Links and picking who to spend time with. Also had some pretty interesting story moments and endings, etc. I've not played the PSP version, only the PS2 one though I think most of the content is there and it added the option to be a female character too to vary things a bit.

If you like Persona 1 though then I would imagine you would like 3 as well. The battle system is much improved and has an interesting rock, paper, scissors sort of element to it with the elemental weaknesses. A *lot* more narrative, stronger more defined cast of characters, etc.

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Castlevania is probably the better option for a portable device. I feel that if you're gonna play p3 you should really play FES (the ps2 one) first, it has animated cutscenes and full models for all the scenes rather than the psp game's Visual Novel treatment.

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EASY. Play Castlevania first. Both are games that you must play, but Persona will take up a good 100+ hours. You can't wait that long to pay Castlevania.

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Persona 3. It's a must play. Though it seems I'm in the minority.

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The PSP version of P3 is great. A lot of little improvements to the PS2 version.

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Thank you all for the input. I decided to go with persona 3 because I never played it and I've played castlevania SoTN a couple times already. It is my favorite PS1 game but I'm just gonna wait for the PS1 classics to hit the vita store and download it then. I just knew I loved that game and thought maybe those other Castlevanias would grab me too.

Anyway I'm walking into the world of Persona 3 LoL I really hope I don't get to engrossed in its world, and end up losing my girlfriend for a couple of days(lol, they always come back) :-)

Really; thanks again!!!