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incredible work! thank you for making my day.

#152 Posted by Cr0ssbow (102 posts) -

This is amazing. That looks EXACTLY like a persona 4 character. You gotta make more!

#153 Posted by pyrodactyl (2190 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: I think brad deserves his own #teambrad

#154 Posted by SupernormalStep (208 posts) -

@pyrodactyl: in celebration of Brad's win, I will be doing a bunch more. Brad's will say "Lizard brain activate!"

#155 Posted by CodeFire (186 posts) -

This is beyond awesome!

Wow. D:

#156 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (3906 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: Awesome, can't wait to see it. Jeff and Vinny look great!

#157 Edited by planetary (350 posts) -

@SupernormalStep said:

@pyrodactyl: in celebration of Brad's win, I will be doing a bunch more. Brad's will say "Lizard brain activate!"

#teambrad victorious!

#158 Posted by cclemon36 (180 posts) -

Amazing, that is some sort of genius right there. Thank you for those. Brad is definitely deserving of one.

#159 Posted by asian_pride (1654 posts) -

Awesome. Can't wait to see more of the Bombcrew. Keep it up! :)

#160 Posted by SupernormalStep (208 posts) -

Brad regained his confidence after a fight with his shadow, in a strange warped dimension that looked oddly like the inside of an airplane.

#161 Posted by LiquidPrince (16020 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: Awesome dude. Really well done. It's a shame that the background is so low resolution though. You should try finding a background that is as crisp as your drawings.

#162 Posted by TheMathlete (326 posts) -

those are some fantastic drawings. Excellent work.

#163 Posted by Robopengy (475 posts) -

There's no Ryan Davis, because FUCK Ryan Davis

#164 Posted by TruthTellah (9323 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: Brad, too? You're on a roll! Two people doing the crew as Persona characters, and they're both fantastic! Your attention to detail is particularly notable!

Now you just have the rest of the crazy crew. heh. And Luchadeer in his Persona cameo role as Mysterious Fox. ;)

#165 Posted by selbie (1933 posts) -

Oh man, that Brad one is awesome!

Shame you didn't include GOD FUCK though :P

#166 Posted by TheVideoHustler (406 posts) -

Now my slash fiction of the GB staff in the Persona world will make more sense.

#167 Posted by SupernormalStep (208 posts) -

Added ones without any of the clutter and backgrounds so that someone can make a terrible dating sim or something, I don't know.

#168 Posted by w1n5t0n (174 posts) -

Alright who wants to make a GiantBomb persona game? I'm in for coding.

#169 Posted by Slab64 (1059 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: Just realized when I saw your username/avatar that I used to read your webcomic....I should really get back to that.

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#171 Posted by Sweep (8927 posts) -

Fuck. Yes.

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Oh my. This is fantastic.

#174 Posted by dungbootle (2458 posts) -

Yes!!! #teambrad

#175 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

Aw shit, look at that Brad!

Excellent work!

#176 Edited by Ghostiet (5289 posts) -

That Brad is pretty much godlike. Pop that collar up in this bitch, he deserves it after the BLLSL.

#177 Posted by Rawrnosaurous (768 posts) -

Fuck yes, I think I love you!

I'll be waiting patiently for Hardcore Dave and Alex!

#178 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

Holy Shit that's Rad.

#179 Posted by harinosho (597 posts) -

These need to become posters!

#180 Posted by FlipperDesert (2096 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: Awesome work! It's super cool to see the artist of Supernormal Step is a GB fan.

#181 Posted by Viking_Funeral (1820 posts) -

I really want to see Hardcore Dave... but I'm also curious what can be done with Patrick's hair. Where will this go next?

#182 Posted by VikG (136 posts) -

WOW these are really great :-)

#183 Posted by Vitor (2823 posts) -

Oh man, the Brad one is every bit as good. Keep up the awesome work! I'd love to get these on a poster by the way. Maybe you should talk to the GB dudes about doing a limited run? I'd buy that shit no problem.

#184 Posted by N7 (3595 posts) -

You are a Golden Duder from this point forward.

#185 Posted by SupernormalStep (208 posts) -

The hotdog mascot that had been following the investigation team around was in reality Patrick "Tricky" "Scoops" Klepek, boy detective.

#186 Posted by TruthTellah (9323 posts) -

@SupernormalStep: Oh come on. That Patrick is perfect. They make such awesome characters!

#187 Posted by StrikeALight (1114 posts) -

Dude, you just made my week. These are amazing!

GB should hire you for promo stuff.

#188 Posted by DeadPan (341 posts) -


This is excellent sire

#189 Posted by golguin (3972 posts) -

That's a great hotdog Patrick.

#190 Posted by Xymox (2107 posts) -

Duder. Wow. Investigation team GO

#191 Posted by dungbootle (2458 posts) -

Patrick in Hot Dog suit = Teddie equivalent, genius!

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#193 Posted by Narx (173 posts) -

Come on Atlus!

#194 Posted by N7 (3595 posts) -

If Cards Against Humanity can get a Giant Bomb expansion, so too can Persona 4: Golden!!

#195 Posted by Celegus (82 posts) -

That's pretty much the best thing ever. You just won the internets!

#196 Posted by DJKommunist (186 posts) -

sexy anime brad is sexy

#197 Posted by Quarters (1756 posts) -

These are absolutely incredible.

#198 Posted by Korolev (1714 posts) -

Okay. That Patrick one is absolutely perfect.

#199 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1730 posts) -


#200 Posted by Jintor (10 posts) -

Giant Bomb visual novel go go go go