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While I respect that Peter Molyneux is a very creative and driven person. He doesn't have a track record of being able to deliver on promises in the last decade of games. While I felt that Fable was a complete game, and worthy of praise, it felt to me as this was all despite of what Molynuex involvement was. Every time he has spoken and promised the world, it has fallen flat.

While I support many kickstarters, one of which was by Tim Shaffer there was a key difference here. Lionhead Studios Ltd. had access to resources, funding, and time to a scale that was much larger than anything Double Fine Productions, Inc. did. Given that Molyneux had access to all of that and failed to deliver on his promises and at best put out moderately received games, I don't have faith left to believe and buy into him delivering on a budget of ~$750k.

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@Kidavenger: They updated the FAQ at the bottom of the page recently.

Will making GODUS for mobile platforms mean it will be dumbed down?
No absolutely not. We are gamers at 22cans, we love depth as much as we love innovation. We will be playing the game with you during our Alpha and Beta stages, so if anyone gives us feedback we will look at that. But we're not making a dumbed down game. The PC version will be hands down the most beautiful!!
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I think it's a bit ridiculous that Molyneux is trying to use kickstarter. I won't be throwing any money at this... if he can't find investors, it's for a good reason.

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I want a game where I play as Peter Molyneux.