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these all do the same thing in most games, so which one do you gravitate to, for me its the shotgun

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I love me some Asualt Roifles.

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I like assault rifles, especially when they got chainsaws attached to them.

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BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM...... Thats how fast my assault rifles shoot

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Assault rifle if playing multiplayer. Pistols if playing single player.

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Pistols. Because they are awesome.

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Shock Rif-aww. I like shotguns but I find myself going for the standard rifles more, bolt action if given the chance.

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I usually go pistols since I don't want to loose ammo too fast and a single shot to the face is usually enough to kill a dude in most games I've played.

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Technically they are still assault rifles, but I think the single shot or three round burst designated marksman/battle rifle deserves differentiation.

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Sniper. I love hearing people freak out and do nothing but bitch and moan because I'm good with a sniper rifle in some games and there is nothing they can do to stop me.

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When I think of FPS, I think of sub-machine guns and clearing out buildings full of dumbass campers. Terrible poll

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I just love the raw power.

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Pistol! Poppin' headshots with a pistol feels real good.

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Assault rifles for single player. Prefer SMG's for multiplayer.

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it's assault rifle man. 
i would choose the assault rifle because it's a round leveled gun. it can shoot midrange and close range.

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They are usually broken in games and have the most DPS sometimes.

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Asaullt... gernade. *sigh*