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I feel like at least once every gamer wishes for an arcade cabinet of their own. If you had to pick one *game* (as in not a combo cabinet), what would it be? It's a hard choice; alternates are okay too. I'd personally really love a 1942 cabinet, but would be tempted by a Galaga cocktail cabinet or an Area 51 machine.

BTW, where's a good place to actually get one? Maybe 1942/1943 is just super hard to find, but I feel like I can't find a great source for cabinets...

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There is no other right answer to this question
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Smash TV, duh.

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The Japan only Half Life 2 cabinet with memory stick slot

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Out Run

Would fit it out so I could sleep in it listening to the music.

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I'd want the castle crashers cabs they made for pax last year. http://arcadeheaven.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/a-little-bit-of-arcade-fever-pax-2010/

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Jurassic Park railshooters, or House of the Dead railshooters.

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I don't really want one. I have no strong feelings for any arcade game. It also takes up a lot of space for one game.

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I wanted a weird top-down shooter where you control a plane and there is that girl whose special is a flower bomb. But since i don't remember the name... I would love a Castle Crashers cabinet.

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A Street Fighter II cabinet.

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I'd have four Hydro Thunder machines and a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 cabinet.That would make me very happy.

Edit : I meant Hydro Thunder, sorry.

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Id like this custom MK9 cabinet

For more info and a sweet video of it in action.


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I answered this question in another thread a few days ago. Crazy Taxi or one of the NFL Blitz.

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Dont even have to think twice, for me it would be


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Hydro Thunder all the way. As a kid I got much satisfaction out of the boost trottle and driving my water craft with one hand! I felt badass!

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Time Traveler, of course.

Or Carnevil.

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@Jack268: Seriously? Phantom Menace shit?

Fuckin' Galaga, dude.

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Either Centipede or Dynomite Cop!

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A Neo Geo arcade cabinet with Samurai Showdown 2, Metal Slug 3, Bust-A-Move, and Street Hoops. Or if it is only for one game then WWF Wrestlefest.

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In order of preference: Rygar, Black Tiger, Ikari Warriors, Ghosts n Goblins, Return of the Jedi.

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I want a Pac-Man cabinet. Galaga would be cool as well.

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Galaga, because I'm 20 and incapable of having memories of arcades. (Note to older folks: there are people who have existed for two decades and yet can't claim to have lived during the glory days of real arcades.) But I like Galaga quite a bit; it tends to be my game of choice when faced with a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga cabinet.

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DDR 4th mix, or maybe DDR Max. So much "dancing" in high school.

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Even without a combo cabinet I'd still take Ms. Pacman

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simpsons arcade game. 
i don't remember a lot of arcades because there weren't a lot where i was. i do have a pinball machine already. 

judge dredd. it's not my picture though.

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Since this isn't the dream cabinet thread, and I'd have to pick something universal that everyone could enjoy....

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Third Strike, Smash TV, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Galaga...

This is why I want to be successful; the ability to buy stupid shit because I can. The American Dream, right.

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Déjà vu! Anyway the answer is still a Centipede or a Millipede cabinet with trackball, of course.

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I've always dreamed of a Mortal Kombat 2 machine as a kid. My more recent pick would be a (not released as of now) Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena machine. That's assuming the cabinet looks kickass.

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Virtua Fighter 4,

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The only fond memories I have of arcades are that old T2 Aerosmith light gun game, but if I owned it I would beat it and be tired of it in no time. Would like to have a pinbal machine though. No one in particular.

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Food Fight or Lucky and Wild

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I think Sega R360 would be nice to own. It would be cool if you could somehow rig a modern flight sim to it.

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Stargate (AKA Defender 2) or Smash TV.

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Street Fighter II Champion Edition

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I have fond memories of a Galaga cocktail cabinet at a restaurant at Queen's Quay in Toronto. I would really like to get my mits on of those.

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Third Strike or DOA2

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@gakon said:

Galaga, because I'm 20 and incapable of having memories of arcades. (Note to older folks: there are people who have existed for two decades and yet can't claim to have lived during the glory days of real arcades.) But I like Galaga quite a bit; it tends to be my game of choice when faced with a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga cabinet.

I'd go with Galaga as well, for personal reasons. My dad died when I was 6, and one of my fondest memories of him was watching him play Galaga at our local arcade (which is now a barns & noble). I specifically remember him showing me the double ship trick and stuff... good times.

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Gotta be this, nostalgia overdrive.

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Ms. Pac-Man cocktail cabinet.

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I would get either a Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, because I really like that game, or an original Mortal Kombat

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time cop

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There was this Spped Racer racing game I saw once that was really cool because it had this entire seated enclosure- in essence a little car- that you sat in and that was super dope, so either that or Lucky and Wild.

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Adams Family Pinball or APB

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Not technically an arcade machine, but I'd love to have a Star Trek: TNG pinball machine! There was one in the hotel where I had my first job, and I lost hundreds of quarters to that thing!

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Killer instinct

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Asteroids, or Gauntlet.