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I rarely post this type of thing and I hope it doesn't come across as spamming, but the current deal on Indie Game Stand (like humblebundle, sort of) has PID for as little as a dollar (currently $10 on Steam and GOG). This comes with a Steam and GOG key (and I believe you can redeem each, separately).


This game is pretty new and was pretty well reviewed, so I wanted to share this with everyone and make sure my fellow duders got a chance for this crazy discount.

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Thanks for the heads up on this! I've been wanting to check out Pid for a while now, but with all the big releases, I've had a slight lack of funds. The fact that I can claim it through GOG makes it even sweeter!

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@jakob187 said:

Thanks for the heads up on this! I've been wanting to check out Pid for a while now, but with all the big releases, I've had a slight lack of funds. The fact that I can claim it through GOG makes it even sweeter!

Yeah, I had a hard time pulling the trigger at $10, but I bought it when it was $5 or so on Steam and GoG (yes, I bought it twice.. ugh). When Is aw this -- considering I still haven't played it -- I wished I'd have bidden my time. I could have saved myself $10-15!

I've gotten a nice handful of deals from that site, actually. I guess they do one new game every four days. Always seems to be starting at a dollar. I got Trouble with Robots for a buck. Waking Mars for a buck. Recruits for a buck. Super Tower Rush for a buck.

All these sort of "pay almost nothing" indie deal sites are fucking spoiling me :D

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@branthog:You're telling me. Between Direct2Play, Green Man Gaming, Steam sales, Amazon sales Humble Bundle, and now this, I'll be lucky if I ever get to finish a video game ever again. I started around last November with one game total on my Steam account: Super Monday Night Combat.

I'm not up to 131 games total. That's not including the 30 or so I have on GOG or the 15 or so on Origin.

I've spent a total of MAYBE $150 for all of these games. It's fucking insane how cheap PC gaming is.

Personally, I'm interested in Pid, but I was more interested because of the GOG copy. Since it's DRM-free, we can legally run it on all of our computers in the store, which means I can expose more people to awesome little indie games like that.

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I was just thinking of how much I wasted on Sim City (a game I played for about four hours and will never touch again). For that $80 -- spent elsewhere -- I have gotten a ridiculous amount of gaming. Red Orchestra 2 is $2.49 on Steam this weekend. Natural Selection 2 was like $12 at one point. Lots of little deals like this where you get a $10 or $15 game for a buck. Decent bundles on IndieRoyal, HumbleBundle, etc.

It must be tremendous to be a little kid or a young teen with an okay computer and almost no money these days. The $20 in the card from grandma on your birthday could keep you going for half a year (and then you have stuff like DOTA 2 that could waste your whole lifetime for free).

I'm kind of envious.

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@branthog: Shit. I picked up DmC Devil May Cry for $15, Bioshock Infinite for $37, Assassin's Creed III for $25, GTA IV for $5, GRID for $5, and Just Cause 2 for $3. That ALONE is half a year's worth of shit for the game price tag you paid on SimCity! lol

I'm still waiting for good deals on Tomb Raider, Dishonored, and Dead Space 3. I can pick up Tomb Raider and Dead Space 3 for about $30 a pop right now, but I know they've been cheaper. Dishonored has been a fickle bitch. I don't wanna drop more than $25 for it.

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Game's totally worth $10, and an even sweeter deal now that you can pay what you want. It had a rough launch with some really bad balance and difficulty issues, but those have since been fixed. Very pretty to look at and has a fantastic sense of place, fantastic jazzy soundtrack, and the gravity well-focused platform puzzles were really satisfying.

Good to know -- most of the complaints I've heard (including in the GB Quicklook) were about how horrendously difficult it would get, at times. To the point of detracting from the whole experience. People seemed to really enjoy everything else about it, so if it has been balanced a bit, this really is kind of a steal. :)

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I read that they patched it recently to be a bit easier for those of you that are concered about the difficulty.