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Title - Japan's Bullet Train Gets Its Pokemon On (Pika Pika!)
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Kotaku Tue, July 22nd

They've got pokemon planes so why not Pokémon trains? As summer vacation kicks off here in Japan, Japan Rail East is rolling out four Pocket Monster bullet trains for the Tohoku and Joetsu lines and one each for the Yamagata, Akita and Nagano lines. Says one 7-year-old boy traveling with his parents to Iwate Prefecture:

I was surprised to see Pikachu, but I really like the character so I'm happy...It's a cool bullet train.

And Pikachu was surprised to see you.

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More use of PIkachu on municipal transport worldwide please!

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I'm in Japan and if I ever get a glimpse of that train I will either cry out in joy, or agony

Depends on my mood really.

And really, Kotaku reports EVERYTHING don't they haha

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Dude. I love Japan.

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Why not pokemon gods?

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Why not pokemon gods?

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Atlas said:
"Dude. I love Japan."
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They'll soon be genetically creating Pokemon and we can all go and catch em all