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#1 Posted by SneakyJB (44 posts) -

NOTE: Not bashing Nintendo! Please read before responding in anger.

I wanted to gauge some opinions on this topic. I was watching the press conferences during E3 and realized that even though some of the Nintendo games looked very nice and fun to play, I just don't feel like either the DS or the Wii U are systems I need to own. It all comes down to personal taste and for whatever reason I've never cared much for Nintendo franchises.

I'm sure they are lovely, great games for those who enjoy them but I literally haven't touched a Nintendo game since the N64. I know I am probably sorely missing out on some good experiences but I just feel like with my limited time and energy during college I'd rather focus on the console I own as well as my PC.

Anyone else planning on just sort of ignoring one of the next-gen consoles? Not to say any of them are bad but it seems more prevalent from my discussions with other gamers online that so many multi-plat games this gen is making it easier to just own one console.

#2 Posted by wemibelec90 (1740 posts) -

As someone who likes to play any game he is interested in, I try to own everything. There's always at least a handful of games I want to play on any platform.

#3 Posted by Ezekiel (479 posts) -

I'll never own an Xbox. And I probably won't get a Wii U. And I might not get a PS4.

#4 Edited by TheKing (844 posts) -

I probably won't own a PS4. I bought one at launch then sold it when I bought my Xbox One. Haven't really looked back.

#5 Edited by Corevi (3943 posts) -

I won't get a Xbone till the end of the gen, and just to play Scalebound and Sunset Overdrive.

#6 Posted by nasp (355 posts) -

will never get a xbox one.everything else i will get eventually.

#7 Posted by Bistromath (632 posts) -

All of them.

#8 Posted by Aetheldod (3627 posts) -

May not get a xbone (sorry Halo but you are just one game) , PS4 on the other hand widd definitely get one and Im 50/50 on the Wii U (need a Metroid to convert me)

#9 Edited by development (2431 posts) -

I'll buy a Wii U before I buy an Xbone, and I'm definitely getting a PS4 any day now. I'll most likely never own an Xbone during this generation. Even if the differences are negligible between multi-platform games I can't reconcile not choosing the better performing version; it just makes sense to chose that one. Don't care about achievements, and my friends don't play games that much, and I don't have any real fondness for multiplayer games, anyway.

The Wii U, on the other hand, has some really beautiful games coming out soon or that are already out. Don't care about Splatoon, but the first-party games that console has are just amazing, and there are finally enough games for me to justify buying the thing.

#10 Posted by syz (252 posts) -

I've always thought of my PC as being a better Xbox, so I doubt I'll find a reason to get an Xbone.

Have a PS4, would like to grab a WiiU over the holidays if there's a decent deal going on.

#11 Posted by delti90 (4 posts) -

Right now I have an Xbone, WiiU, and a PC. I had a Ps4 at launch, but ended up selling it a month ago since I hadn't used it since December. With the current lineup of PS4 games I don't see myself owning one any time soon.

#12 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4630 posts) -

Nope. In every generation there is at least a handful of exclusive titles that more than justify any console purchase. From what I saw at E3, this generation will continue that trend.

If I only played big, "AAA," multiplatform titles and smaller, indie titles then sure, I might skip one of two consoles. But I don't. I play a bit of everything and everything is not available on one platform, not even PC, therefore I'm going to buy every muthafuckin platform I can.

#13 Posted by Gnomicidal (93 posts) -

The only next gen console I've purchased is the Wii U because of differentiation. I can get pretty much anything else I want that on my gaming PC. Nintendo is the only company really offering any palatable exclusives for me. That's not to say the Wii U is the best console out there, it all depends on circumstance. I happen to have a very capable gaming PC and I like building / upgrading it. I realized not everyone would want to do that.

#14 Posted by hacksword (49 posts) -

Yes, I'm skipping all three.

#15 Posted by ajamafalous (12031 posts) -

Your argument could apply to last gen just as easily.

#16 Posted by Belegorm (453 posts) -

As I'm looking to build a good PC soon, getting consoles seems kinda like... getting an inferior PC with a handful of exclusives.

That said, my family owns a Wii U so I'll probably be playing a few of those games before I move out, and the PS4 is getting BloodBorne. As a massive DS fan, if I was to choose between two highly similar consoles, I'll almost certainly go with the one with the From Software game (not to mention the dualshock 4's got an actually decent d-pad compared to the xbone's one I would imagine).

But in the end, for any multiplatform game I'd probably end up getting it for cheaper, and looking nicer, on PC. I'll probably get a PS4 at some point though.

So at the end of the day, I guess I'm almost certainly skipping the Xbone?

#17 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1786 posts) -

So far, the Xbox One still hasn't offered anything I'm even remotely interested in, and it'll be 2015 before I even consider as PS4.

#18 Posted by Fredchuckdave (5714 posts) -

I might buy a Wii U eventually if they make like 5 Xeno games and Bayonetta 2 is good. In general there is essentially no reason whatsoever to buy both a PS4 and an XBone until much much later; so pick one.

#19 Posted by Jay_Ray (1109 posts) -

I have a decent laptop, nothing terribly special, and my PC desktop has run out of mileage. This leaves me at a crossroads, I can build a PC that is used only for games or buy consoles. I think I'll buy consoles for the big games and my laptop is good enough for the rare PC exclusive that I really want.

#20 Posted by mjk0104 (208 posts) -

I might get a Wii U at some point, everything else I can either wait until the end of the generation when it's cheap or get it on PC.

#21 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4827 posts) -

There's no reason for me to pick up an XBONE and only two or so for a PS4, so I could easily skip both of those unless I find myself with a surplus of cash. I'm quite content with my PC and Wii U at the moment.

#22 Posted by SneakyJB (44 posts) -

May not get a xbone (sorry Halo but you are just one game) , PS4 on the other hand widd definitely get one and Im 50/50 on the Wii U (need a Metroid to convert me)

Same here. I would love to play Halo 2 multiplayer again but I'm not going to buy another console just for that game. If a new Metroid came out I would seriously consider a Wii U.

There's no reason for me to pick up an XBONE and only two or so for a PS4, so I could easily skip both of those unless I find myself with a surplus of cash. I'm quite content with my PC and Wii U at the moment.

Same thing man. Last gen I tried to play EVERYTHING on PC/PS3/Xbox 360. This gen I am going to kind of scale down and focus on one console and that eco-system. So far I am digging my Playstation 4 and building up a community to play with.

Your argument could apply to last gen just as easily.

Very true. As I've gotten a bit older I guess I've just narrowed my focus a little bit.

#23 Posted by ToTheNines (752 posts) -

I am doing a major upgrade on my PC, well pretty much getting a brand new one. Only thing I will be keeping is my GPU. So yeah, I am considering not getting any of the new consoles. I really like the look of KI, but it's a bit much to get a whole system just for that game.

#24 Posted by Gnomicidal (93 posts) -

I agree with a lot of you guys on Metroid. Metroid Prime series is either my first or second favorite gaming series next to Resident Evil. If they made a new one, it'd easily be the best thing for me.

#25 Posted by Zella (773 posts) -

Unless there are some major changes with the types of games coming out for it I just can't see myself getting a Wii U. I've never been a big fan of the standard Nintendo franchises, aside from the 2D Metroids, so new entries for any of them don't really interest me much.

I do find it weird sometimes how people will go on about how EA and Ubisoft only put out sequels, but then get all excited about a new Mario game. I know they are usually pretty good for what they are but they are still another entry in the series that are rarely revolutionary.

#26 Edited by MB (12715 posts) -

E3 solidified my decision to bow out of this console generation completely. It's PC and 3DS this cycle for me until one of the consoles has so many exclusives that buying one becomes a no brainer...so, perhaps in a couple of years. And probably second hand from Craiglist when I get one for cheap with a bunch of games and extra controllers included.

I think all three of the current generation consoles are completely underwhelming and I consider them all to be underpowered and overpriced for what they are. I was totally hyped up for the new consoles to come out until they actually did and the games started getting reviewed and Quick Looked...the promises that both MS and Sony made leading up to where we are today pretty much all fell through. I mean for gods sake, my old GPU from two years ago has double the graphics performance of the Xbox One, and the PS4 isn't that much better. Now? My current machine has about 4.5 times the graphics rendering power as the Xbone. Combine that with more expensive games that aren't offered on sale for as much of a discount or as often, and multiplayer that is now locked behind a $50 per year paywall on both consoles...I'm out.

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#27 Edited by Gnomicidal (93 posts) -

While I partially agree with you, Nintendo spaces their marquis sequels out a lot more. Annual franchises are what fatigues a lot of people. However, I was DEFINITELY on the Call of Duty train for a long time and totally OK with the annual releases. Ghosts was the first game that finally broke it for me. Even Black Ops II was probably one of my favorite in the series when it was the newest.

#29 Posted by pinner458 (807 posts) -

I want to play everything out there that interests me so I plan to own all consoles by the time this generation ends, same as I did with the Wii/360/PS3 gen. Even as a kid I had a SNES and a Mega Drive, an N64 and a PS1, a PS2 and a Gamecube (No Dreamcast or Xbox) I'm just waiting for the prices to go down, or maybe purchase second hand. I know that's not exactly helpful for the industry but I'm unemployed so I can't afford to buy new consoles right now.

#30 Posted by EVO (3919 posts) -

Nah, each console is already worth owning.

#31 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

Hey do whatever you feel like. The PC is the place to be right now. Next year that might change.

#32 Edited by tariqari (431 posts) -

I was convinced that I would not want an Xbone before E3...but with Shape Up and more importantly, the master chief collection, that idea is quickly fading.

#33 Posted by StarvingGamer (8371 posts) -

May never get an XBOne, even if they have Phantom Dust. Bought a 360 and ended up with a grand total of 0 exclusive games that I actually cared about.

#34 Posted by exfate (426 posts) -

When it comes to console games, the top tier, AAA stuff doesn't interest me any more. At the moment I'm not seeing anything in the pipeline from the 'mid tier' that is compelling enough for me, nor am I seeing any exclusive or primarily developed for consoles indie games. It would be great if that situation changed, but I'm PC all the way for the foreseeable.

#35 Posted by Wuddel (2098 posts) -

I own a very powerful PC (for the games I play) and mainly play strategy games. I will certainly skip the Xbox one, since I have little interest in Halo. A PS4 is likely, though I wanted to wait for a slim. I even consider a Wii U, since my rekindled my long lost love for Nintendo with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

#36 Posted by billymagnum (837 posts) -

i planned on skipping all of them since they were announced...my plan is going very well

#37 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (534 posts) -

I'll be picking up an Xbox One when the Witcher 3 comes out. There isn't really anything on the PS4 (so far) that I couldn't get on the Xbox One, and there are enough Microsoft exclusives that interest me to stick with that eco system for now.

My wife really likes Zelda, so I'll probably pick up a Wii U sometime soon as well.

#38 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4233 posts) -

I already bought both next-gens.

#39 Posted by NMC2008 (1237 posts) -

I plan on exiting the new console business when VR and or digital only become the norm. I don't want to deal with either of those things.

#40 Edited by Kaarloss (29 posts) -

already got a ps4 and planning to get wii u in next month or so. probably wont get an xbox till its around the £250 mark in the uk.

#41 Edited by NorseDudeTR (427 posts) -

Can't see myself buying an xbone, and so far, ps4 isn't a priority. I have a wiiU, and I like those games.

#42 Posted by xyzygy (10029 posts) -

First and foremost is an Xbox One. I'm getting that, then waiting until games that I actually want come to PS4 for its exclusives. Wii U I will definitely get too, but as of now PS4 is lowest priority, despite Bloodborne looking amazing.

#43 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5276 posts) -

Probably get a Wii U eventually for Zelda, and I am definitely tempted to get a PS4 for Bloodborne, but until then, not really looking at the consoles at all.

#44 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (627 posts) -

I currently only have a PS4, and I'm pretty happy with it. There could be more games to play, but that's sort of par for the course with new hardware. I was looking to E3 to give me a reason to buy the Xbox One...and I'm still left waiting. Sure, I'd like to play Forza Horizon 2, Crackdown, and Sunset Overdrive, but none of those seems like the killer app I was hoping to see. WiiU is looking better all the time, and I will probably get one when Smash Bros. comes out.

#45 Posted by Atlas (2454 posts) -

Well, I dunno about the next-gen consoles, because they haven't been announced yet, and the current-gen consoles have only been about for 18 months (WiiU) or 6 months (PS4, XBONE).

Assuming, though, that you are actually talking about the current-gen consoles (I know, I'm a pedantic asshole, shoot me), I'd say that it's looking fairly likely that I'll only end up buying one of them. I owned a 360 and PS3 last gen, and got a ton of usage out of both and thought they were both great systems, but I'm such a PC gamer now that I just haven't been using my consoles that much in the past couple of years. PS3 gets so much more usage as a Blu-Ray player and video streaming device than it does as a game console, and the 360 isn't even plugged in. I am very happy with my decision to not buy a console at launch, and I'm sure that I'll own one of the new machines within the next couple of years - just depends where the best exclusives are, where the best third-party support and online is, and which device offers most in terms of non-game entertainment options. Right now, it's looking like the PS4 is the best bet, but things can change.

And as for the Wii U, I'm pretty sure I'll never one, just like how I never owned a Wii. That's fine, I get my Nintendo fix from my 3DS.

#46 Posted by Nux (2381 posts) -

I was planing to skip the Wii U but after last weeks Nintendo Direct I am heavily considering picking one up. I'm pretty sure I will skip the Xbox One. As of now there isn't anything on it that appeals to me and I don't feel like navigating though clunky UI just to talk to my friends while playing a game.

#47 Posted by Budwyzer (598 posts) -

@sneakyjb: Well, you haven't missed a whole lot in the way of nintendo console games. The gamecube seemed to be mostly ports of games from the N64 and the Wii was only fun for a couple of weeks. I have a DS and now it just sits on this shelf that is in front of my toilet and I pick it up sometimes when I'm sitting on my throne. Though lately I've just been taking my tablet in there and reading comics.

As far as the actual "Next-Gen" consoles go, there aren't any worthwhile exclusives that aren't making it to PC with the exception of inFamous: Second Son and that's only if the game is your cup of tea.

#48 Posted by CaLe (4018 posts) -

I don't skip consoles... All it takes is for there to be one game I want to play and I'll get the console it's on.

#49 Posted by Demoskinos (15011 posts) -

No interest in what Microsoft or Nintendo is doing. Its not a fanboy thing its just I really don't feel the need for multiple consoles anymore. The less clutter the better. Its why I'm also going digital only on PS4. Unless the physical version of a game really gives me a reason to get it.

#50 Edited by Nodima (1241 posts) -

I owned an N64/PSX and a PS2/Gamecube, but I sold my Gamecube when Resident Evil 4 was announced for PS2 and I've been a Sony-exclusive gamer ever since (I was Nintendo-exclusive for NES and SNES). Consoles are still a pretty huge ask for my income and Sony has had the better or equal exclusives, the better controller, and IMO the better looking hardware from the moment they entered the game. Owning an XBox would be too redundant to ever consider and there MIGHT be one Nintendo game a year I'm interested in, but I barely have enough time to play the games I want to play on my one platform (I've come to consider my PS3/4 as the same thing, often both running and with me flipping between them) anyway.