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Easy question: which platform would win a hypothetical "Platform of the Year" award this year? Needless to say, this is completely personal and only based on your own experience with these devices, no matter how "objectively better" any other platform may have done this year.

PS: I grouped the mobile devices into just one option because, let's be honest, even if they are big right now, the chances that a Giant Bomb user sees them as their main gaming console are slim to none.

PS2: Sorry if this was already done. I searched the forums and the results gave nothing.

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PC. Strongest of the ports, and Steam Big Picture bringing them into the living room with a decent interface so far.

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The PC wins this year by having 90% of the AAA games consoles have, whilst running them all considerably better than their console counterparts. Couple that with perhaps the best year for Indie Gaming on the PC and it really is a no brainier.

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The Coleco Vision. Zaxxon all day every day.

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Overall: PC

Console: Vita (p4g)

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Commodore 64

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PC takes it fairly easily this year I'd say.

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Definitely PC

We desperately need a new console generation.

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PC, no competition.

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PC bringing it home this year.

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PC. Mass Effect 3 was the only game I bought for 360 this year, and the only other platform I played a whole lot of was the 3DS/older DS games.

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Surely it has to be PC this year.

The old adage "PC gaming is dead" has been given a decisive boot, multiplatform games generally fared very well, if not better than on other platforms and the indie/crowd-funded scene has been huge.

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I'll have to go with the PlayStation 3 (I don't have a gaming PC that can run many of the games that came out this year so I can't really say PC for this question)

PlayStation Plus really hit its stride this year with the Instant Game Collection, upping the Cloud Saves to one GB, and making a huge splash on the Vita right out of the gate

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PC motherfuckerssssss

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PC. PS3 runnerup for the growth of Playstation Plus.

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PC, of course.

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As much as I didn't care for the game there were a couple of high up platforms I liked with star coins on them in NSMB2 that you had to fly really high to reach.

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PC wins by a long shot, and until we see some new consoles. PC will continue to win.

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Dirty neckneards have hacked the poll.

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Virtual Boy, red is totally in this year.

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On a personal note I have spent the most time with the PS3, but on a general note I would say the PC has had a fantastic year.

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By far, Valve has shown it has the best deal for publishers, the best features for customers, and that it is willing to work continually on improvements to its interface and features, and will take the chance to provide new features, instead of simply following the competition.

In response to the growing trend of PCs being used as a traditional TV based console, Valve has provided Big Picture, a controller driven interface that I believe, is superior to anything currently available.

Steam has expanded its community features, and turned Steam into the largest gaming based social network in existence, streamlining the friends list and adding an activity feed showing what everyone on your list is doing.

Finally, Steam continues to expand into the indie space with Greenlight, while it is in the midst of a few growing pains - both Valve and devlopers tweaking the system to find something that maintains a level of game quality, while allowing deserving indies to get published sooner.

While the PC has pulled ahead of consoles in terms of graphical look and processing power simply due to the fact that game consoles remain on 2006 hardware, the biggest achievement for PC as a platform, is that it finally has the unified community and matchmaking service to compete with Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

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WiiU of cours....just kidding. PC obviously

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Vita had a damn strong year, I gave it my vote.

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Well, I was new to PC gaming this year, so my vote goes there. There were just a ton of options opened up to me that I can't ignore. That coupled with the fact that there weren't any standout console exclusives really sealed the deal. I did rent and forget a lot of console games this year, but most ports now live on my PC.

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Well, this is the year I finally invested in a gaming PC...

Also, Vita.

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PC wins because of Far Cry 3.

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I am currently only playing on my PS3, but yes... PC is the strongest contender.

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Even if the quality of the games available on PC this year didn't speak for itself, then the number of people here who apparently just invested in a gaming PC this year (myself included) must surely be an indicator of the strength of the platform.

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PC, easy.