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Hey just looking for people who are forced to play video games with one one hand. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and only have use of one hand to use with my 360 controller. What kind of games do people play and how do others do it.  A lot of my friends and roommates play 1st person Shooters like the Halos and the  Call of Duty  games and games like Street Fighter IV. I am at a distinct disadvantage with both. Any suggestions?

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Who on earth can play that game with both hands?

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PC games,maybe?

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Although this might not be of any help with the games your friends are playing, there are games on the PC which can be played nearly entirely with the mouse.  Games like World of Warcraft and Dragon Age: Origins can be played by used the mouse for movement and camera control then clicking the spell/action bar for attacks and so forth.  Strategy games also work well in this manner.  You might not (I don't know for certain) be able to compete with others in PVP scenarios, but you should work fine when playing co-op.

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Most of the games on this list: One-Handed Games.
Also, this same basic thread is already here, you can check out those answers.

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Was it bad that the title led me to believe this thread was about masturbation?  Is it bad that I clicked on it anyway?
If you're looking to be competitive with other players you might want to try Civilization Revolution.  It's turn-based so you don't have to rush to try to keep up.

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Check out this wiki page for one handed games and this guys topic about only being able to play one handed games.

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" Bayonetta  Who on earth can play that game with both hands? "
aha. i get it
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@luce: BOOM
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" Was it bad that the title led me to believe this thread was about masturbation?  Is it bad that I clicked on it anyway?  
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ive had cerebral palsy since i was born and i dont have any difficulties with any genre of video games. i can pretty destroy all my friends in most video games, i just have a few problems with the back triggers on the ps3 and 360, but i still manage to win

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Adventure games and turn-based RPGs seems like the best options for a one-handed player. If you are looking for something competitive to play with friends, you might want to try a head-to-head puzzle game. If your friends like Street Fighter, they might be up for playing Super Puzzle Fighter. You should able to rotate and drop the pieces in that game without too much trouble. You can download a demo of it on XBLA if you have your doubts about it. Word games like Quarrel tend to be more about what you know than how fast you are, so they are worth a look as well.

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This thread could get real dark real fast.....

That being said, I think a Wii might suit your needs better for simplicity's sake. Also, if you manage to play any 360 game with any degree of accuracy with one hand, you're my new hero.

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Use the hand and the opposite foot (just kidding).

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I've been playing Phoenix a lot on my 2600 recently, trying to find out what comes after that f**king UFO. I bet you could play that with one hand.

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I played a lot of Red Dead Redemption with one hand. Mostly when I was on the horse and too busy eating chips to use both hands.

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I'd try point and click adventure games and maybe even a few RTS games on the computer. As for a gampad thats kind of hard to do with a single hand unless its a slower paced game.

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I totally came into the thread to make a joke about masturbation, but the whole cerebral palsy thing kinda ruined those plans.

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You could get a good gaming mouse with a lot of side buttons that can be used as hotkeys. That would let you play many PC strategy/RPGs with little problem, but WASD movement could still be tricky.

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I stand by the statement I made two years ago, but I'd like to supplement it with this: If I ever loose my hands or eyes, I'm gonna end it. 

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Not sure how much functionality you have in your weak hand, but if you're looking out for one-handed games specifically because you have trouble with traditional controllers, take a look at the Avenger Controller adapter for PS3 and 360.

Here's a vid of it being demoed at PAX 2011 (ignore the douchebag)

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Indians fan eh?

a lot of JRPGs and point and click adventure games work just fin with one hand.