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lets say your playing call of duty 4 online. You've just won a match and notice u have 27-odd seconds before the next match starts, and your reaaaaly hungry. you think to your self  "i have time to get some food right?" so you get up and run to the kitchen with one thing in mind "what can i play and eat at the same time?" Do you get a left over steak from last nights barbeque? or do u just get a pack of sour cream and sweet chilli chips? the coices are almost endless.

basicaly what im trying to say here is, is there any times when u have found it entirely necessary to eat and play a game at the same time, and im not talking about pausing to take a bite, i mean activly eating and playing at once, even if someone had to feed you!

let the posting begin!

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I don't usually eat while playing, if I do, I'm taking a couple bites whenever there's a break in the action or loading or something. Generally I'd stay away from chips because they make your hands dirty. A sandwich or something is preferred. Cookies are also rad. Always rad.

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All the time, but then again, I don't play online much.

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I've never eaten while playing a game. Not even when I played World of Warcraft.

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I will occasionally delve into bags of chips, but I generally separate my games from my food.

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I sometimes do it, but it usually distracts me from playing the game.

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 i do it sometimes.

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Hmm... looking around, I obviously eat too much in front of this computer. I have an egg carton here, a McDonalds bag, various chips, a bunch of Nutrigrain Bars wrappers, bowls, plates, a few glasses, a bunch of cans, a mug, and Kraft American Cheese Singles wrappers.

I don't know if any of them were consumed while playing.

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yes i would have breakfast/lunch/dinner or a snack and drink juice or water all together and sometimes have tons of cookies all piled next to me as i play Battlefield 2 viciously

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Well, eating a bowl of fried rice with chopsticks(!) whilst playing a game (either with a gamepad or mouse) is quite challenging, i can tell you.
I like to eat while watching/reading reviews, articles etc. though.
I once borrowed the thermoelectric cool box from my parents and filled it with some cans of my favorite sodas, sandwiches, some fruit (watermelon, apple, already sectioned) in plastic containers and placed the box next to my PC rig because i wanted to play WoW all evening/night long without a break. (This must 've been in the summer of 2006)
As you can see, reasonably healthy food.(except for the sugar-laden sodas)

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oh god no...

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Today I got Peggle on the iPhone for 99 cents.  I got on the toilet and played Peggle on the iPhone while I ate chocolate bars.

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I sometimes eat chips, but it's really messy and gross when I do so.

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i must say i gave eating with my feet a try...i wouldnt recomend it....

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Yes all the time.

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Only if I'm playing World of Warcraft or some other game with huge amounts of downtime. Otherwise, I'll just quit and eat.

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I absolutely dispise people who eat while playing, it makes their controlers greasy and horrible (and imo, unplayable with) and when they then do it to my stuff I RAGE!!! It makes me so angry.

If I get hungry, I slog it out to a save point and shove a movie in before getting a meal or some snackfoods. Or if I have stuff in the house I can eat while holding onto the wrapper, or small crisps (hula hoops for example, salt and vinegar sticks etc) that I can just tip into my mouth without them touching my hands, that's fine too i'll do that while playing.

But greasy foods during play, fuck no, turns the controller into a bar of soap and you can never get a decent grip on it ever again, and it makes your clean hands dirty the next time you come back to it. Ughh. hell no.

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I regularly eat ice cream, crisps and pizza whilst playing Killzone 2.

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I don't know how you can eat while playing something online, but I have snacked during cut-scenes of single-player games.  It depends on the game for me.  I have enjoyed chips & dip, cold pizza, chicken nuggets and even soup while playing some RPGs.  Hell, I hear that you could probably eat a full course meal during some of the cut-scenes in MGS4.  But the truth of the matter is, if you are "reaaaaly" hungry, you should probably hit pause and go eat something substantial rather than stuffing yourself with junk food.

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When I played WoW i did it all the time, don't eat and play when on my PS3 generally just PC sometimes during CS:S but generally nope.

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I’m always drinking whilst I play first person shooters online to calm my nerves.  if you take your left hand off the controller you can still use your right hand to aim and shoot.

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@joshy9411 said:
Do you get a left over steak from last nights barbeque?
Who the hell grills a steak and doesn't eat it? Shame on you!
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I never eat while playing, greasy controllers and keyboards drive me crazy. If I'm really that hungry, I'll stop playing for 15-30 minutes and go eat.

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the thing I hate most in the world is greasy controllers/keyboard so I try to keep from eating and playing games as much as possible.  If I do eat it's something that won't grease up my fingers like a cookie or sandwich or something.

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I do it more often than I should. If i get take-out like pizza or something I usually play a game when I'm eating. I do need to clean my 360 controller regularly cause of it though. Once your controller is a little dirty they really never are the same again.

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@joshy9411 said:
"left over steak"
Does this even exist?
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Yep, i do it all the time, in fact, I'm eating a Nutella sandwich as we speak.

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I never eat while playing games, I guess that's why I'm skinny :P, but mainly it's because I don't want to get my controller/keyboard all messy and disgusting.

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I don't eat while I play games. However, I do snack when I watch movies which is usually Netflix on my 360 or Blu-rays on my PS3. In which case I'm very careful to wipe my hands before I touch the controller in case I have to pause it or something. "Beverages" make late night multiplayer sessions so much more fun though.

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I normally either throw the oven on leaving it to warm until the next round the put dippers or pizza in, or make noodles.

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I watch tv or read while eating the foods.  Eating while gaming leads to messes, and I like to keep things clean.

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I only eat when playing offline mode or on the laptop. Never with my 360 though, I don't have a table for my food to sit on.

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It's a messy business. Frantically trying to wipe hands on tissues, seconds away from the action starting up again.

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Sheeeyit, chilluns, I can eat, chop wood, whip up a batch of cookies, slaughter small villages, listen to the lamentation of the women, and game at the same time.  Yeah.  I'm that good.

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I can't/dislike eating while doing anything else except for watching tv or listening to podcasts on my iPod. Once I have to start touching things then the problem of dirtying things starts to rear its ugly head. Heck, it already annoys me when I miss a point on a podcast because I was zoning out and have to rewind with my one clean finger.