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Saw this on Joystiq and just checked it myself. It's under one of the video headers (can't recall which one off the top of my head) and is a 19 MB download. Haven't had the time to try it out myself yet, might post in a while and give my first impressions.

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Thats cool cause I was torn between the roku (has amazon) and apple TV (has airplay) and now I can just use my ps3 for amazon video and get an appletv for airplay.

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It's about damn time. Now all they need to get is HBOGO and it will be the perfect streaming box.

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Awesome. I just gave up Netflix instant because they haven't added much to it in the last few months. Amazon Instant doesn't have as large of a selection, but you get the cheap/free shipping perks too.

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Is this specific to the US end of the network or a global rollout?

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Well that's fucking awesome.

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I was about to buy a Roku box pretty much for Amazon. Now I will not.

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This is most good. Most good.

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Crazy thing is new movies are a couple bucks cheaper ($4 vs $6) compared to the PSN video store, so unless Sony lowers their prices it'll be the easy choice for renting.

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On top of the PS3 getting Amazon instant, which is pretty sweet, Amazon has also made quite a few changes to their homepage. Besides some changes to the aesthetic, they also made it easier to view what's in your cart by hovering the mouse over your cart at the top left. I haven't spent too much time with it, but plan to later when I shop for a new hat. Has anyone else noticed any other significant changes?

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@efman said:

Is this specific to the US end of the network or a global rollout?

You can only get amazon prime/streaming if you live in the US.

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I envy your online streaming services so much. They sound so great. The concept, it sounds so awesome.

I wish that for a day everything with streaming services would be inverted, and that the U.S. would be the only region in the world not to have any streaming services available, just so that you American people who enjoy your online video could understand the frustration of not having any decent video streaming services, and the pain every "Sorry, this content is not available in your region" message wrings.

You cannot fathom this if you have not experienced it.

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well that's cool. i don't use any movie service. i have been thinking about getting netflix for streaming.

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From what little I got to use it, I like it. If you have a Prime account on Amazon, there's a lot of stuff you can view for free (just like on Amazon's site) and the videos loaded up quickly (which surprised me since I'm on campus where the internet is absolutely terrible) so that's a plus. And there's a tour of the app up on Youtube now.

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@Snail: I know your pain... But then I found a way around it. Been using Netflix on my ps3 ever since, and it's awesome.

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Great another feature I won't be able to use *sadface* .... at least it downloaded on the background I didn't even notice it