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I have finally created a steam account and installed it on my new laptop. The laptop is not amazing so I won't be able to run games like the Witcher 2 but I should be able to play smaller games just fine. So what are necessary PC/Xbox relegated games I have missed out on? I hear about steam addictions all over this site and want to be ahead of it by buying the games I need most...until things get out of hand lol. But so yeah what do you guys think? As far as examples I have looked at Bastion and the Half-Life games so far. As for preferences prob at the top would be RPG's, action, shooters, and platformers but all suggestions are viable. GO!!

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Oh sorry forgot to mention that I have a PS3 and quite a few games so that is why I asked for PC/Xbox exclusives first. Cheers!

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All of Obsidian's RPGs. Psychonauts, and the other Double Fine stuff if you don't have it. Recettear. Metro 2033. STALKER. Other stuff.

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FTL. It was half off yesterday not sure if it still is or not. But even still, $10 is plenty worth it

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PC exclusives everyone should have

1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
This is the biggest and most accessible Real Time Strategy game on the market now.
2. Team Fortress 2
A fun and easy to pick up, team based, First Person Shooter, and it's free to boot. (a version of this game was released on xbox360; that version is so far removed from the PC version; they aren't even in the same league anymore)
3. Sid Meier's Civilization V
The latest and greatest turn based strategy game. Civ 5 is a game that is very much what you make of it, it can be played fast or very slow, tactical or aggressive, no two games will be the same.
4. League of Legends
This is the most accessible Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game at this time, if you can get past the rough playerbase, there is great fun to be had with this game. Also, free to play.
5. World of Warcraft
This is probably the most polarizing game in the Massively Multiplayer Online genre, some people love it, some do not, everyone with a PC has played it and you should too.
6. Steam
Not a game, Steam is the PC equivalent of XBLA/PSN providing a persistent community, online matchmaking, achievements, and most importantly great sales on most of the good games available on PC.
7. Diablo III
The biggest ARPG on the market right now.
8. Defense Grid: The Awakening
Perfection of the tower defense genre.

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You should probably post the specs of that laptop first. If it's something you picked up for $500 with no intention of playing games on it, then you probably won't be playing any relatively recent AAA games that didn't appear on PS3.

That said, you should probably check into Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life 1, and Torchlight 1 and 2, all of which will more than likely run on any recently-bought laptop within reason. You should probably also look into some older classics - I've already mentioned Half-Life 1, there's also both KOTOR games, Deus Ex 1, and Thief 2 on the Steam store, and check out GOG.com for System Shock 2 and a ton of other classic RPG's.

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Buy this when steam has one of there crazy sales and get it cheap. TF2 is free2play so no reason not to get it, and there are loads of free DOTA2 keys being passed around. so start with them.

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Here is my list which is alot of Xbox Arcade games gone to PC

  • Super Meat Boy: a great plat former with great music
  • Torchlight 2: it may not be the biggest Arpg but it has tons of heart (and it runs on anything)
  • Mark of the Ninja: good 2d stealth game...i didn't think it was the best thing ever though
  • Bastion: another Xbox game that never came to PS3...this is really good
  • Hotline Miami: its Hotline Miami
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Terraria: Even though the ps3 version is coming out soon play this as well
  • Killing Floor or Left 4 Dead 2, both are great co-op shooters vs zombies
  • The Binding of Issac: awesome rougelike
  • Magicka: Everybody loves magic, right?
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Left 4 Dead 2

Team Fortress 2 (FREE 2 PAY)

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Uhh, every game. Don't you know what Steam sales are? You gotta catch them all.

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The biggest thing you need is patience! Only get what you'll play right now, because once one of the seasonal sales hits you'll find almost everything you want (and lots of stuff you never knew you wanted) on for so damn cheap that you'll quickly fill up your catalog!

That being said, Torchlight II is on sale now and should run on a laptop and it's great!

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Alan Wake

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depending on the spec of your laptop you should be able to play the witcher on medium +high. definitely recommend this game.

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Wait for the next major Steam sale and buy everything. Don't think about it, just do it.

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Uhh, every game. Don't you know what Steam sales are? You gotta catch them all.