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Just checked my banking statement today and I saw that Playstation Network had charge me $12.98 on the 14th. I started to freak out a bit because I haven't been on PSN in almost a month. I didn't get any e-mail for that charge which raised even more red flags. I did some digging, and it seems there's been a big delay with PSN charging people:


I never got an email notification from Sony about the delay. Some people have had large fees come out that have overdrawn their accounts, costing them overcharge fees. Just wanted to give the heads up to any duders who might have gotten a seemingly mysterious charge and were wondering why.

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Companies do this all the time and is nothing new. The best is Dish Network. They charge my PPV purchases months later which just causes me to always go back and look at my previous statements.

Also, those people need to learn how to manage money if they are getting overdraft fees because of PSN purchases. Me thinks they shouldn't be buying stuff off PSN or at least learn to look at their damn statement.

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TyCobb has me beat, but yes, it's a common occurence, even when I make $1 purchases from the app store I don't get an email about it for several days.

Much like you my heart skips a beat and I immediately assume someone else is shopping with my card, it's a constant fear when you use cards to buy most everything today.

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Same thing happened to me earlier this month. I saw 3 PSN charges and flipped my shit until i matched up my PSN purchases to my last couple of months of PSN purchases on my bank statement.