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A few years ago I made a PSN account with my friend under his information, because i didn't have an E-Mail and was generally not very tech savvy. Well, I have been playing on that account for quite a long time, and have bought a lot of things on it with my parent's credit card, and have a lot of trophies I'm strangely attached to.

Well, since I made the account a long time ago with someone i lost touch with, i cannot for the life of me figure out the information to switch credit cards, so i decided to make another account with my credit card info, purchase things on that, and then play the games on my first account.

I have been mulling it over, and I have decided to buy playstation plus. The only problem is, if i buy playstation plus on my "purchasing account", will there be any features I cant access on my "playing account"? I looked around and couldn't find anything that spoke about my particular problem, so I'm hoping you guys could help?

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How did you reset your password last year after the psn hacking thing? I feel bad for you. but I think your only real option is to try it.

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This may help.

It looks like you can play games on the non-plus account (as long as they're on the same PS3), except for avatars and full game trials.

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You should be able to play anything downloaded on that PS3 with any account, so long as the account that owns the content is activated on that PS3. I have played a few games my friend has downloaded from PS+ on my regular account without problems. Ill test it out later today or tomorrow to confirm if you like, have to go right now.