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So, I just rented Battlefield 3 for the 360, which I had previously purchased for the PS3. Upon finding out that I was no longer eligible for the online pass free trial, I purchased the online pass from Gamestop.com (planning on purchasing the game used anyway). Unfortunately, I mistakenly purchased the PS3 online pass, admittedly due to my own carelessness. Now, I am stuck with a download code for the PS3, which is non-refundable by Gamestop.

EA is not available on the phones right now, so I attempted to live chat with a representative, who informed me that they could not do anything without a physical receipt, and promptly ended the chat without my consent. Obviously, because the purchase was entirely digital, I don't have a physical receipt. I sent a screenshot of the order history on the website as well as the confirmation email, but apparently that is insufficient.

So, any advice? I realize that it was my own idiocy that led to this problem, but if anyone else has ever had such frustrations, how did you deal with it?

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I would get on the phone with them and go in with the mindset that you are going to get a code off of them. At a certain point it's just beneficial for them to give you the code as opposed to putting up with you.

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@Deathawk: That is what I was thinking. Thanks for the input.

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Be a troublesome dick. They'll eventually give it to you just to shut you up.

Or they'll just hang up on you. It's a battle of persistence.

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Be really screamy and yelly.