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Hi there Bombarderos, if you're like me, you're already addicted to that hot new Nimblebit joint Pocket Planes, lets all band together under the banner of Giant Bomb and get to flying. See you in the skies!

UPDATE: Flight Crew named "giantbomb"

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Yes! Saw on twitter polygon was doing a group for theirs. We. Must. Crush. Them.

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I'm in!

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Giantbomb 1 word lets do this

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I'm there #570 in the world - let's get this up.

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I am in guys. Do you know if I take the deliveries I already had with me? Or if they stay with my old flight crew?

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Do you have to be in calgary to get deliveries counted to the flight crew?

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Dammit this just reminds me of how much I miss Dave in the videos. Can't wait for the redesign to be done so we can get more Dave.

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we should also exchange gamecenter names because if we do then our names show up next to the numbers in our flight crews leaderboard :D. mine is jasondesante

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See, I was all ready to not play this game, but now I have to.

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we're approaching 100 jobs!

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So, Polygon is ranked #4 with with 15,670 jobs done. I <3 GB, but...

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I'm in, my gamecenter name is WLCleon.

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use this forum thread, so its easier for others :D



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bump to let ppl see this....then lets let this thread die and the new one rise like a phoenix in its ashes

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I'm in Game centre name is Sachin234

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Just joined.

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Lets do it