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I've looked through previous podcast threads to see if someone recommended something that fits what I'm looking for. I've also searched the internet and other forums but came up short.

I'm wondering if anyone listens to or knows of a podcast similar to Rebel FM Game Club. It was like a book club for games; the hosts would play the game over a month or so, and each week talk about what they played. Sometimes they'd even have someone who worked on the game talk about it after they had all played it. I liked the podcast, because it was fun to play a game, then listen to people talk about it who had experienced the same things as you. Sometimes Retronauts can be similar to this; but they rarely focus on one game. They also usually haven't played it recently; just remembering the past after reading wikipedia.

Rebel FM Game Club only lasted for little more than a dozen episodes. These are the games that got covered. http://www.listal.com/list/backlog

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Oh yeah I almost forgot about those days of Rebel FM. Those episodes were great! I really enjoyed the Republic Commando episodes. I hope there is something like them because I would definitely listen to that.

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@mattadord: the problem for me with video game podcasts is that so many of them follow the same format; basically the 1up Yours format - what you been playing; news; new releases; emails. I only need one podcast to cover the weekly news and releases and the bombcast does that fine. I listen to the bombcast, Retronauts, Idle Thumbs and 8-4 Play because they all cover different stuff. I also listened to A Life Well Wasted and Irrational Behaviour when they were being made regularly. I think there's an audience out there for a book club for games, but as far as I know Rebel FM were the only people to do it and they only did it for a short while. I'm hoping some other people are doing it; even if they're regular non-gaming press guys.

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@dylangw: I've listened to many gaming podcasts over the years (only Bombcast, 8-4 and sometimes Idle Thumbs now though), and never found a podcasts with the format you're looking for. Think you're out of luck if I haven't missed some obvious one.

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I also really enjoyed that idea. I liked that they would assign a certain checkpoint for everyone to get to and talk about it. I would play those games and follow along. It was fun going back and playing games I haven't in a while or playing games I missed. It's really interesting to talk about those games from a modern perspective and those podcasts were a really good excuse to go back and do it. Maybe the Giant Bomb guys could start something as a premium podcast or maybe the community could start something like a "book club for games" as Dylan pointed out. That would be fun.

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@dylangw: I know what you mean about the format. I was subscribed to maybe 5 or so a couple years ago and finally realized they all said the same thing basically. So I cut it down to the Bombcast, Idle Thumbs, and Rebel FM. Though whether I listen to the RFM episode is 50/50. Have you tried to contact RFM about restarting Game Club? Maybe they'll start it up if enough people say they want it back.

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I remember really enjoying 1up FM's backlog, which sounds pretty similar. It's a fun concept; I'd actually be really interested to see whether the community here would be interested in putting together a game book club, like a couple of people have mentioned. Listening to a podcast is fine, but having something everyone can actually participate in would be really cool.

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@kohlstream: Thanks for the link, that's a cool concept for a podcast. Listening to the Mario 64 episode now, seems great! Seems like a good answer to the OP's request too!

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@countrockula: Rebel FM Game Club was a continuation of the 1up fm backlog; just no longer under the 1up network. 1up was downsized around that time which resulted in some new independent podcasts sprouting up by former 1up staffers; Rebel FM and Geekbox being the most successful.

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@kohlstream: I think that's just what I'm looking for...thank you. I knew there had to be somebody out there doing this sort of thing. They've been doing it for a long time too; so there's tons of games I can play though and then listen to them discuss. I don't have many people in real life to discuss games with; and I definitely wouldn't be able to get them to play the same (often old) games I'm playing. Having a podcast to compliment my playing will be nice. I loved playing Beyond Good & Evil then listening to the Rebel FM backlog; I like hearing about how other's experienced the game.

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I host one called Co-op Mode Reviews. http://co-opmodereviews.com/ :D

I dont really like the title since we dont really do reviews. It's more in the format you folks were talking about, but it wasnt my choice.