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TMEB - 03/03/14

This week, no-one plays anything but we still find stuff to talk about!

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About us:

We are a group of four British duders who enjoy chatting about games in general - both new and old - that we've been playing or take our fancy. The team is: Bollard (Myself, Bradley), Ramone (Jon) and JTB123 (Joe).

Contact us:

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, we are literally up for discussing anything (and any games, no matter the age) if you e-mail in – so contact us on!


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Twitter link:!/tmebpodcast

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This is the first time in a very long time where I did not have to "correct" the date on your podcast.

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@zombiepie: Ahahaha, you're welcome :) Maybe we should only record on 0x/0x dates from now on.