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Also I dont post here tons, but you may have seen my work. I did the mock cover for Spookin' with Scoops

So in celebration of Pokemon X&Y, I'm gonna attempt to draw every pokemon before the game's release. That will most certainly mean I'm gonna have to draw more than one Pokemon a day but at least one a day is the goal.

I'm in school right now but these are just doodles so it shouldn't be a huge chunk of my time.

I'm gonna be updating this thread and thecalgee.tumblr.com If this isn't the appropriate forum, I'll be glad to delete it.

If I don't post everyday, bug me about it. Help me do this Giant Bomb community.

And here's Bulbasaur to Venusaur to get started.

EDIT: I'll be updating this main post with full evolutionary lines.

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You know what, it never occurred to me that the 'saurs were horrible pig monsters, but looking back at it, you're probably right.

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To me, they look more like horrible turtle creatures with ears.

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That Venusaur looks like the dogs from Ghostbusters with a pretty flower.

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I like the idea of making pokemon look like ugly real animals, and that Spookin' with Scoops cover is fantastic, so I am very much in favor of this endeavor.

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Can I play too?

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@haltiamreptar: Most things I draw end up looking like horrible pig monsters. Expect this to be a recurring theme.

Thanks @arbitrarywater! Means a lot. And @ravenlight your rendition of Bulbasaur looks even more pug like than mine.

Here's a chicken like charmander.

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I'm like Van Gogh but with both ears.

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How wildly inaccurate. You can't catch Charmanders in the wild :P

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These are awesome! Hope you end up going through with it; I'll be saving them all to a folder.

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Nice work. Skip over 'Trubbish' and 'Garbador' though. Or actually, no don't I'm sure what you'll do with them is better than the real ones. By real I mean... ahhhhh you get it

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BUT I like Trubbish. He'll be fun to draw once I get there.

I'll update the main post with full evolutionary lines.

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Good Luck in your quest to Draw em' all.

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There are 132 days between now and October. There are 649 Pokemons.

You got this. Also tumbler followed.

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This is starting to turn into a Pokemon a minute. I don't know if I can keep up.


I have no idea.

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I can't wait to see your Mankey and Primeape!

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These are disgusting and I love them. I'mma be following this thread eagerly.

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Wow! These are amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretation of Mewtwo and the 3 original Ghost pokemon.

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This is awesome! Great work duder!

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Congrats on making it over 9000, duder!
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These are amazing. Keep it up, duder!

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Thanks for all the support guys! I'm glad you're liking them :)

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This is cool.

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This is supremely awesome, I'll be sure to come back here to check regularly. I also promise to bug you if updates become too unfrequent, and if I don't, bug me about it! ...wait.

Speaking of bugs, I have a soft spot for Bug pokemon so I'm especially excited to see your Caterpie and Weedle, but also Cubone, cause Cubone is a bad mofo.

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Chalizard looks freaking rad!

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@jacksukeru well here's caterpie. I just lost Metapod and Butterfree in a photoshop accident. They'll be up later. And yes, Cubone is gangster as fuck.

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Keep at it man. I always like seeing when people do different takes on the looks of Pokemon. Always makes me want to see Nintendo get around to updating them.

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This is the fucking business.

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I'm really liking these changes to the Pokemon. They look cool.

Also, I might have flagged your post, @jacksukeru, by mistake while looking through the thread. Sorry about that, but I immediately unflagged it.

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@symptomz: These are so great. Would love a desktop wallpaper of all 151 original pokemon or something, but by all means don't stop after that :P

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I like your artstyle, these look cuter than the originals. Keep it up duder!

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@chavtheworld I'll try to make them into a poster/desktop if I get that far

@icemo they're basically chibi

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If Pokemon actually looked like this, I would probably start playing again. Awesome stuff, man.

On the other hand, that would probably traumatize a lot of kids these days.

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@daftronaut what was the last one you played?

Guys, I totally just weedle'd.

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Pokemon, re-imagined with debilitating flesh diseases.

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@symptomz: Weedle and Caterpie never learning more than 2 attacks always made me a little sad.

I don't know when I started appreciating Weedle. Maybe it was that specific sound bite of it saying its name as it lept to attack in an early episode of the anime, that had been stuck in my head for so long that it eventually crystallized itself into a form not unlike nostalgia.

Maybe it was its underdog nature, with it never getting any attention as its form was swiftly traded away for bigger and stronger ones. Forms that themselves never quite got the attention they were due (Butterfree, that smug bastard, is surely to blame).

Maybe it's the nose?

Either way, good going! I'm expecting great, creepy things from Kakuna and Beedrill.

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@symptomz: The GBA ones. I kinda stopped caring after that, because the designs just looked uninspired at one point. Thought about playing SoulSilver since it's a remake of one of the best Gens.

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@jacksukeru I just like saying the name Weedle. And I think all his charm comes from his bulbous nose. It's a shame even Beedrill never became more useable.

@daftronaut I think there are hits and misses in every generation from a design standpoint. Soulsilver would be especially fun if you haven't played since the GBA days. Nostalgia boom.

Kakuna turned out okay. I like Beedrill better though.

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I look forward to Stunfisk. Some of these look like they're a few chromosomes shy... so that one should really be a gem all things considered.

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@aiurflux Stunfisk. Maaaan. That's a long ways away.

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That is awesome, keep up the good work!

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these things are horrifying and ruining my pokemon memories. Awesome work.

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Your Beedrill is sick as hell.

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I like that you went a little off script with the colors and design of Kakuna, and Beedrill's design looks fantastic. Now if only its stingers were actually drill shaped its name would make a little more sense.

Next up are some pretty similar looking birds IIRC, I don't envy you having to think up how to make them look interesting.

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Doing what I can to ruin one childhood memory at a time.

@jacksukeru It's hard. I'm trying to remain true to the design while injecting a little bit of my style into them. Some of them get hit harder with the ugly stick than others. ALSO, I'm gunna run into a problem soon. With Pikachu and many others, they have pre-evolutions or new evolutions. I don't know if I should just do it in the classic order or put the new evos with the whole line.