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@symptomz: Hm yeah, I can see the problem. I would just follow the "National Dex" order but put in the extra evolutions/pre-evolutions before or after where their original forms are, the numbering will look weird but whatever.

The other options would be to either wait until all new evolutions are added before making a tree, which in some cases would take a looong time (prime example: Eevee), or just keep them as separate entries once you add them and not include, for example, Politoed in the Poliwag tree.

Man, thinking about it, is there even a single Generation 1 pokemon that only had one form that hasn't had another added by now? Ok so there's Lapras...and Pinsir, but you get the idea.

Edit: Oh yeah I forgot, but that Pidgey looks more badass than any Pidgey has any right to do.

#52 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

That's one punk Pidgey.

#53 Posted by Symptomz (132 posts) -

@jacksukeru Yeah, I'm going back and forth. I might just follow the National dex through so I don't get confused. And yes, very few Gen 1 Pokemon haven't been tampered with. Farfetch'd also comes to mind, although he has potential for an awesome evo.

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#56 Posted by StarvingGamer (9187 posts) -

@symptomz: Awesome work and yeah, I'd just go in order so you don't lose track.

#57 Edited by MentalDisruption (1786 posts) -

Man this thread is really making me want to replay a pokemon game. Love the Charmander evolution line drawings, and looking forward to Cyndaquil!

#58 Edited by JackSukeru (6147 posts) -

Pidgeotto is one of my favorite Pokemon designs from Gen 1, and also one of my favorite Pokemon names to say. Pidgeotto!


#59 Posted by pepperzz (166 posts) -
#60 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Wow these are actually really awesome! I mean i dont give a shit about pokemon, but you're making me care! Well done sir!

#61 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

God, I can't wait to see the Ghost Pokemon. Those three were always my favorites.

#62 Edited by Mento (3245 posts) -

These are great. I'd say I'll probably start to drop off after you've moved from Silver/Gold, but you have a while to go before you reach that and I'd be hooked by then anyway.

Just in case he hasn't already seen it, I'm dropping a callout to @marino to see if this can't go on the front page.

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@symptomz: How do you make these? Sorry if you already mentioned this. Are they hand drawn, or done on the computer?

#64 Posted by Symptomz (132 posts) -

Thanks guys! I'll get to all your favourites eventually.

@mento Thanks for the shout out dude. Much appreciated.

@somberowl Nope hasn't been asked. I sketch out the pokemon in a sketch pad, scan it and ink/colour in Photoshop.

#65 Edited by SomberOwl (873 posts) -

@symptomz: Thanks for the reply. You are really talented man! I wish I could do something this awesome. I can't wait until you get to Muk!

#66 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

Man, this is good stuff. I'm personally looking forward to the Eevee evolutions (well, the original ones, anyway.)

#67 Posted by Symptomz (132 posts) -

#68 Edited by JackSukeru (6147 posts) -

I love that you switched up the pose for Pidgeot, it looks scary and majestic at the same time and I have never been a big fan of it over Pidgeotto.

when it comes to Rattata I'm more a fan of its unusual colour more than anything. All other 2-form-normal-type-rodent-pokemon-that-you-get-in-the-beginning-of-the-game since have stuck rigidly to the brown colour scheme so Rattata sticks out in a nice way.

Anywho, your Rattata looks good. Keep at it!

#69 Posted by Nev (598 posts) -

Wow, these are incredible. This is the most badass Pokemon has been since I was like, 9. Looking forward to seeing more!

#70 Edited by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

You've taught me to appreciate one of the lamest pokemon with your Rattata picture.

#71 Posted by StarvingGamer (9187 posts) -

I can't wait for Psyduck.

#72 Edited by Symptomz (132 posts) -

@jacksukeru Yeah, I noticed that too. It's a shame Raticate doesn't retain some purple in his colour scheme.

@nev Thanks for the support! Glad you're enjoying them :)

@hunter5024 I hope you can appreciate Voltorb once I get to him. NO idea what I'm gunna do to a sphere with eyes.

#73 Posted by JackSukeru (6147 posts) -

@symptomz: I don't mind so much since Raticate has always made up for its conservative colour scheme by looking absolutely fucking vicious, something your artstyle brings out quite well :)

It's a little early but here's an idea for Voltorb: focus on the fact that it looks angry and give it an exaggerated angry, almost manic look. Maybe with a very detailed brow?

#74 Posted by CommanderGermanShepard (309 posts) -

Damn Nintendo should hire you for a M rated Pokemon game, can you picture a world where Pokemon fighting has been banned so it has been relegated to Micheal Vick's backyard.

Bring out a poster of the 151 generation one and I'll buy it!

#75 Posted by Symptomz (132 posts) -

@jacksukeru Like a really furrowed brow or something? Could work. I'll probably have a brainstorm page of just Voltorb/Electrode.

@commandergermanshepard M rated Pokemon game where they finally realized letting a 10 year old child into a world of fire breathing dragons might not be the best idea? I'm on board. And I'll look into Posters and whatnot if there's enough interest. Still a ways off though.

#76 Edited by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

@symptomz: My advice is good use of electricity and facial expressions.

#77 Posted by johncallahan (732 posts) -

The Beedrill is awesome and will haunt my nightmares forever.

#78 Posted by LiquidPrince (16523 posts) -

That's a sick Pidgeot.

#79 Edited by Symptomz (132 posts) -

Guys! Guys! I'm 3.23% done!

#80 Edited by pepperzz (166 posts) -

@symptomz: Aw, look at you, doing maths.

edit: Congrats on being showcased!

#81 Edited by Scrawnto (2506 posts) -

Man, parasect is going to be rad. Keep it up, duder!

#82 Edited by Oddballs (178 posts) -

This stuff is batshit insane! I think this is probably the best Pokemon fan-art I have seen. Please, keep it up.

#83 Posted by Chibithor (584 posts) -

Great work so far, I'll be interested to see what you'll do with Mr. Mime and Jynx

#84 Posted by peritus (1097 posts) -

This is some awesome stuff, would love to see how snorlax would turn out!

#85 Edited by TheStimpinator (110 posts) -

Well these are sufficiently horrifying, but no less than awesome as well. Kudos.

#86 Posted by BaneFireLord (3095 posts) -

These are fucking amazing. 10/10, duder.

#87 Edited by Cold_Wolven (2386 posts) -

I would love artwork on the legendary bird Pokemon. Other than that everything so far looks awesome.

#88 Posted by Marmalade (201 posts) -

I'm saddened that @ravenlight hasn't been keeping up with the Pokemon a day challenge.

Great work by the way OP! Can't wait to see even more!

#89 Posted by EgoPoisoning (39 posts) -

This is the thing that is great. Need some Abra up in here though.

#90 Edited by Flappy (2406 posts) -

This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Keep it up, Duder! I want you to destroy my inner child one design at a time.

#91 Posted by ch3burashka (5605 posts) -

Not creepy at all.

#92 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -
@peritus said:

This is some awesome stuff, would love to see how snorlax would turn out!

I'm saddened that @ravenlight hasn't been keeping up with the Pokemon a day challenge.

It's more like Pokemon-a-whenever-I-remember Challenge.

#93 Posted by medacris (711 posts) -

I'll be keeping tabs on this. Excellent work, Duder.

#94 Edited by Symptomz (132 posts) -

Ohhh god a spotlight. That means I actually have to go through with this now. JOKES. Thanks to @mento and @pepperzz for the shoutouts. And thanks to @zombiepie and @marino for thinking I was worth putting into the Community Spotlight. Here's a gross bird.

And I really appreciate all the kind words, I'll try to make all your fave pokemon as cool/disgusting as possible.

EDIT: Oh and it's good to see @ravenlight is back. Maybe he can pick up my slack and get on doodling the legendary birds ;P

#95 Posted by bassman2112 (995 posts) -

this is fairly amazing, sir. I will definitely be following it for as long as you end up going haha. I hope it is all the way, because it is absolutely fantastic so far

#96 Posted by pepperzz (166 posts) -

Someone should try to recreate the sounds that all these pokemon would make based on these drawings.

#97 Posted by Reisz (1607 posts) -

Your renditions are sinister as Hell. I love it, I love everything about it. Keep it up!

#98 Posted by JackSukeru (6147 posts) -

Both the final form birds look absolutely amazing! Like, all of your stuff looks really good but Pigeot and Fearow are just on another level.

won hcihw nomékoP saw txen?

#99 Posted by Bollard (6535 posts) -

@symptomz: Yay a spotlight! You deserved it.

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Chernobyl Pokemon