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Oh man @symptomz That Nidoking is my favourite yet, reminds me of a Zoanoid from the old Guyver series, properly good stuff man, Keep at it!

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Oh my god! All of these drawings are incredible!
I love your art style, what other kind of stuff do you draw? Any comics?

#203 Posted by WolfHazard (471 posts) -

I would fuck that Nidoking

#204 Posted by JackSukeru (5916 posts) -

@symptomz: Hey yo! Been a while since the last update, what's up?

#205 Posted by Oginam (447 posts) -

This is retroactively ruining parts of my childhood and making other parts seriously bad ass.

#206 Posted by Symptomz (130 posts) -

@reisz My friend had to show me what a Zoanoid was, but you're totally right haha. Glad you're liking them though!

@vigorousjammer I do a little bit of everything.If you check my profile page I have some older art uploaded in images. Thug lookin' Parappa the Rapper is in there somewhere. I'm hoping to get a couple more Spookin' with Spooks covers done as I have like, 30 sketches that all could be cool. Maybe I'll draw what the inside of one of those comics looks like when I have more time.

@wolfhazard The italics really sell this statement

@jacksukeru You caught me! I was gonna post last night but I ended up playing The Last of Us for like 8 hours instead. That game is pretty good. Here, have double Clefable for the extra wait :)

And thanks @oginam, hopefully I'm striking the right balance.

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@symptomz: Very cool, you actually managed to make Clefairy look appealing to me. Never been a big fan. The second Clefable also look strangely badass.

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These are awesome. Do Slowpoke or Slowbro if you've got the time. (Or Slaking, which is my favorite pokemon)

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Clefairy looks bloody awesome duder!

#211 Posted by Symptomz (130 posts) -

Vulpix is too cute, just go with it.

#212 Posted by Hunter5024 (5707 posts) -

Ninetails is one of my favorites. I am quite interested to see how you make it fit your style.

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Why is wearing a butt on its head?

Have you ever looked at a jigglypuff? Obviously the thing on it's head is it's bum.

On the same topic: What would jigglypuff taste like? Chicken, cotton-candy, or some horrid amalgamation thereof?

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duder how's it going? just checking in to see when the next update of awesome Pokemanns is happening? I realize you have other stuff on your plate just wanted to let you know your fans are waiting in the wings for your triumphant return lol

#218 Posted by Vitor (2822 posts) -

@d_bones said:


duder how's it going? just checking in to see when the next update of awesome Pokemanns is happening? I realize you have other stuff on your plate just wanted to let you know your fans are waiting in the wings for your triumphant return lol

He's posting, you just have to go to the tumblr directly for updates.

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Jigglypuffs taste like cool whip and self loathing. Also, @d_bones here's the three days worth of updates haha. Been busy with school. I don't think I've posted anything on tumblr days before I posted here.

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@symptomz: Good to see you back in it, keep up the good work!

Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff are my favorite Pokemon names to say! The Abra line can't stand up to that pure fluffy nonsense. Ninetales would be my favorite Fire-type pokemon if the awesome Volcarona didn't exist. It's a dual Bug/Fire-type so it kinda wins by default.

Oh yeah, you spelled Ninetales actually accurate wrong in the picture. Easy and understandable mistake.

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These are completely fucked up. Moar.

#222 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5260 posts) -

@symptomz said:

There's no part of me that doesn't want to draw the BombSquad as the Elite four.

AHHH Sandshrew is totally badass, also to what you said, AHHHH!

#223 Posted by Symptomz (130 posts) -

@jacksukeru OOPS. I didn't even check the name. My bad. Bug/Fire is a sick combo. It sucks that the only Bug/Water combo turns into the much more common Bug/Flying.

Here's another batch of three guys. Hope you like!

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After seeing all these great pokemon pictures, I really want a gritty reboot of the games to go along with them.

#225 Posted by JackSukeru (5916 posts) -

@symptomz said:

@jacksukeru OOPS. I didn't even check the name. My bad. Bug/Fire is a sick combo. It sucks that the only Bug/Water combo turns into the much more common Bug/Flying.

Here's another batch of three guys. Hope you like!

Yeah, when I played Black 2 I decided to go for an all bug-type Pokemon team, so I did some research into what dual bug types there were available and saw that Surskit was the only one that was dual bug/water. It was a bummer. There otherwise was a nice variety of bug types in Black 2 though, I'm personally hoping that this trend continues into X & Y so that I can make another all-bug team when I inevitably play that.

Fun fact about Surskit: in Swedish "sur skit" translates into "sour shit", though the pronunciation is different enough that you can get away with saying it without people noting it.

Also, as always you work is great. Golbat looks real gross and I really dig the touch of Oddish walking on its roots.

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@themanwithnoplan It hurts because we'll never get it. Even a 3D action game is too much to ask apparently. There's a fanmade one happening though, I saw it in this thread over on GAF http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=612656

@jacksukeru Facts with Jack. That's hilarious actually. And yeah I hope bug or poison gets some more useful pokemon in X&Y. BW was unkind to poison. You see that sword pokemon they revealed?

Also, I'm working on something non-pokemon related you guys should all see in a few days. I think it's gonna turn out aight.

#227 Posted by HappyCoin (4 posts) -

Wow, these are pretty awesome! I'm also looking forward to this non-pokemon related project.

#228 Posted by MegaLombax (393 posts) -

Awesome interpretation of Pokemon duder. And I gotta say Raichu's looking pretty badass. Keep it up!

#229 Posted by JackSukeru (5916 posts) -

@symptomz: I haven't followed news about X & Y particularly closely, but I looked up the Pokemon revealed so far when you mentioned it. I think it's cool that they seem to be doing more Normal dual types other than flying and that the new bird type for the generation changes from Normal/Flying to Fire/Flying when it evolves.

Other than that the 3 form bug Pokemon seems painfully standard, didn't we already have 2 other butterfly Pokemon? And it is still just Bug/Flying. Even if they continue to make each new generation for new players/kids do they really have to reuse the same archetypes every single time? I'll use it though I hope, perhaps futily, that it is more similar to the awesome Venipede, that took its sweet time evolving, rather than the too quickly forgotten forms of Weedle, Metapod and company.

I think the lobster Pokemon looks sorta neat though, props to them for not making it red. The sword Pokemon being Ghost/Steel makes perfect sense, funny how it seems to draw itself out of its sheath.

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@happycoin thanks man! the other piece should be done before wednesday

@jacksukeru I know right. They're probably stuck between a rock and a hard spot though. If they didn't have a Pidgey or Caterpie equivalent, some group of people is bound to be pissed. The Lobster and Seahorse thing are my faves so far.

#231 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (550 posts) -

Golbat looks sick. Cool stuff! Not that it matters at all really, but why is Vileplume all water-colory?

#232 Edited by Bollard (5598 posts) -

@symptomz: Woah! Howcome Vileplume is a different style?

#233 Posted by Symptomz (130 posts) -

I wanted to speed paint one of these guys to see if it would take less time than my usual sketch/ink process. Took about the same amount of time, so now Vileplume will just have to look out of place forever.

#234 Posted by JackSukeru (5916 posts) -

@symptomz: I'd like to think it only looks different due to effects of the hallucinogenic odor it must excrete.

Actually I always imagined Vileplume to have a sort of pungent sweet smell, like rotting fruit.

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Dat Sandshrew holy mother of god!

#236 Posted by Slax (928 posts) -

I just found this, and it is amazing! Keep going!

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What do you use to do these. Are they done on computer, do you trace the basic design and then color it?

#239 Posted by Bummey (609 posts) -

#213 is so far away at this point.

#240 Edited by MormonWarrior (2599 posts) -

Ohhh I've only been checking the first post...guess you've gotten along a bit. These are rad! I like the ugly/cool design of these things. I keep trying to encourage my artist brother to do some crazy interpretations of stuff.

#241 Posted by Symptomz (130 posts) -

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I didn't want to show any disrespect to Ryan by bumping this thread during all the great memorial and tribute stuff going on. I figured Pokemon should take a backseat for awhile.

@hunter5024 while Koffing would be apt, I'm chipping away at a non pokemon related piece specifically for Ryan right now.

@supersolidsnake2019 I sketch out a couple designs in my sketchbook, scan it in and trace over with clean lines in Photoshop. Then I just add the flat colours underneath. Hope that clears everything up.

@bummey There's a lot of cool Pokemon that seem far away at this point. Shuckle will get his moment to shine.

@mormonwarrior I apologize! I've been going back and forth on whether I should update the main post or not. I don't want to crash anyone's browser by having a million images. I might just take all those down and update with a single image with all done thus far? Dunno yet. And keep pestering him, let's just call it encouragement though :P

Also, I did another piece for the return of Spookin' with Scoops that Patrick tweeted out a couple of days ago. I'll probably post it here when Spookin' does make it's return but if you wanna check it out, it is floating around twitter somewhere. All the best to everyone and thanks for your continued support. The GiantBomb Community has really shown how great it is these last couple days.

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These get better and better.

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i love seeing his interpretation of the pokeymans

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@symptomz: On the subject of updating the main page, would putting groups of images under separate spoiler tags help?

#245 Edited by WolfHazard (471 posts) -

I won't rest until you do Arcanine.

#246 Posted by falconpunch (178 posts) -

I can't wait til magikarp and gyarados.

#247 Posted by AcerbusIgnis (12 posts) -

I want more pokemans :(

#248 Edited by JackSukeru (5916 posts) -

@acerbusignis: I hear ya, me too.

The dream appears to be dead though.

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