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Here are some assets found by more savvy folks than I. Looks like a much better lineup (to me personally anyway) than the first game. Not sure exactly what role GLaDOS is playing here, maybe you play as her?

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Well that's something.

EDIT: Also, Claptrap guarantees that I will never play this game.

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Ugh. Why Claptrap? I guess there are a few slightly more annoying BL characters they could have gone with.

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Brock Samson? Fuck it I'm in.

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We NEED some Tiny Tina. And for her to shout BADONKADONKS!! Every 5 seconds.

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@veektarius: So long as they don't give him too many cringe inducing lines, it should be fine.

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The characters are consistent with what TellTale has been hinting at with their key party website, so I guess it's legit. At the same time though, there is something about those screenshots and box art that just scream fake.

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Is there a new Evil Dead game coming out?

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GlaDOS is the dealer? I can live with that.

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@forcen: Oh man, I'm dumb. Didn't even cross my mind that she could be the dealer.

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@recspec: OK. Then, I guess it isn't fake box art that someone threw together in 30 seconds in Photoshop, it's real box art that someone threw together in 30 seconds in Photoshop.

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Oh wow, never thought I'd see Brock from Venture Bros. appearing in a game like this, that does make me very happy, and the Portal room looks cool. I don't have much of a love for the other characters apart from GLaDOS though, and I have my problems with Claptrap in particular. The first Poker Night was also kinda cool, but when it came down to it not an amazing poker game. I think I might pass on this one. What a weird line-up of characters they have.

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Aw man. You mean it's Claptrap and NOT Handsome Jack? Color me disappointed in that regard, but I'm still just psyched to see another one of these.

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"Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the royal flush."

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holy shit, Ash?

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Aww. I don't care what you other monkey-funkers say, I still like Claptrap! There, I said it!

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Oh man, YES. The banter could only be amazing between these characters.

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Oh. Claptrap. That can easily go real bad.

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Ooh this should be fun, I played the fuck out of that first game.

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@chaser324: Not to mention all the promo items you'll be getting for TF2 were data-mined quite awhile ago.

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Ash alone makes this a tempting buy for me, and I don't even care for poker.

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I loved the first game, but that may be because it was so damn cheap. Let's hope they keep the $5 price tag.

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Neat, it's been a good while since I last played a poker game, totally up for more Poker Night. That's so ridiculously awesome that Brock Samson is in the game.