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Holy thread titles batman! I am not okay with thread titles that negatively impact my forum going experience! I am okay with thread titles that positively impact my forum going experience! Keep that thread title out of my multiplayer forum! Keep that thread title out of my microtransactions forum!

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I feel the problem with your argument is if micro transactions did not break the game no harm done. I don't think it is as black or white as that. My gut reaction is i don't want micro transactions on a 60 dollar game and if they want to fully use that model games need to be cheaper.

But i understand the pressure which in itself could be self inflicted by EA of raising prices in game development. So i can reason with micro transactions if they are out of my face and i can enjoy the game without that stuff. The problem with this is a feel the game development seems to be derailed by having to use these features. Which seems to turn the games themselves into a different beast then when it did not have these features.

The worst part is we often get inferior games as a whole which may not be 100% the fault of micro transactions and other online features but it sure seems to be the start of it. Dragon age, Mass effect and dead space have all had this effect happen in which as these tatics become more common the games themselves change to cater to them. Which ultimately end with an inferior game by the series end.

Now if the effort was put into making sure you made a damn good game first then we would have a more even debate on the matter. But we can clearly see these series change over time and then lose a bit of quality while maintaining such a stronger push for micro transactions, online passes, and DLC plans. With dragon age 2 reusing environments like no tomorrow, Mass effect 3 making multiplayer required play to get everything and the best ending (At release), and dead space 3 slapping a co-op character that feels out of place and a little forced when playing solo you can see sacrifices each of these games made to pipelines the online features into them.

If EA and other companies are just caring about their bottom line why can't consumers do the same?