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I've only ever played Uncharted a little bit a friends house every now and then and Gears is easily my favourite franchise on the 360 this generation. But truly, the games aren't even comparable in the slightest besides the fact that they're third person shooters.

I personally enjoy Gears more but Uncharted is a fantastic game.

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Gears of War Series is 100% better

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Guessing this'll die down to whether you prefer the PS3 or 360. The clear answer is uncharted, though I like gears 1 and gears 3 better than uncharted 1 or 3. Uncharted 2 is the only reason that it wins for me.

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Oh good, useless 'vs' threads. Let me find my flag.

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I understand why these two are being compared, but they are so tonally different from each other that I can't really help but feel that this is still an apples and oranges type of situation

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The question is a fallacy of argument, making a false analogy. They are two different games on two different platforms. Making a comparison of the two is unfair and promotes console fanboyism.

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Well after playing and finishing both trilogies I can say I enjoyed Gears of War much more, so Gears is a little better, not 100% better, I did enjoy Uncharted as well. Also, this poll was destined to fail, this is a fanboy poll, not a which game is better poll, that would require game playing.

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I'll take Uncharted 2 over anything Gears of War. Gears of War 2 was such a weak link for me that it drags the rest of the series down for me in this vs. match-up.

But I'll agree with others and say that the two are too different from each other to really goes against each other. As said, this does promote console fanboyism even if that's not the intent.

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As a huge fan of all three Gears games: Uncharted takes this. It's not even close.

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@BlueLantern1995: Every time you make a thread, your agenda is becoming clearer and clearer.

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Agreed, the franchises are way too different and shouldn't really be compared.

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I don't like Gears one bit. I don't like the level design, I find the movement far too clunky, the shooting unsatisfying, and the enemies sponge up far too many bullets.

Uncharted, on the other hand, is pretty damn great.

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Where's both and neither? I choose both. I like them both the same, pretty much. I think the second in both are the weakest, but I'd still consider Gears of War 2 to be superb, while Uncharted 2 is just nearly great. Also, I think I've made this same poll a few months ago.

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What agenda...I can tell you I have none...what agenda do I supposedly have?

Divide and conquer?

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Honestly like Gears a lot more. Sure, Uncharted has the storytelling and whatnot down but playing Gears with some friends is a TON of fun both in campaign or horde or even adversarial play. Uncharted starts to feel overly scripted at points. Hold the stick and press "X" to see Drake do amazing things. Where as Gears constantly tests your skill as a shooter player. In the end I can't help to think Uncharted is more flash than gameplay. I come to games for the gameplay.

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Can't flag polls :\

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Why must they be versus? There is room enough for both.

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I voted uncharted by a little but I've only played a little of the first 2 but what I played was excellent. I've played all 3 GoW and think they're great but I guess because I've only played what are some of the most publicized scenes from Uncharted 1 and 2 it seems more polished, but now I think I should have said gears, probably one of my favorite new franchises this generation.

Besides the point though they are two very different franchises which are extremely difficult to directly compare.

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Hmm. Weird poll honesty. But uncharted 2 alone is 100% better so ya that one

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False dichotomous comparisons like this are part what make video game forums shitty. Not in my backyard good sir or madam.

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They're comparable in not just they are 3rd person shooters but in that they are both seen as the Top exclusive of their console...

What? How is that a comparison? If that were true then you could compare Halo to Killzone solely based on the fact that they're first person shooters yet nothing alike.

A worthy comparison would be Metal Gear Solid to Splinter Cell.

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Uncharted because it's the only one I have and screw having a rational approach to the topic.

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You know I think a turkey sandwich is 100% better than season 2 of Dragon Ball Z on DVD. Where's that poll?

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I would like for you to form opinions based on a video game's own merits and not feel the need to compare them to one another.

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did i just click into System War by mistake

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I haven't played the first title in either franchise, I never finished Gears 2, and I really disliked Gears 3's story. I voted for Uncharted because it's what I value in games more.

However, Gears of War plays a bit better, has a more interesting universe, and offers much more variety.

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Locking this thread as per poster's request.