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@Insectecutor said:

These guys clearly think they are gods fucking gift but I'm not sold. I'll give them a chance but man, that first video was forced.

Yeah, this is the problem I have with most gaming blogs, egos are far too large for what they actually do. Hopefully Polygon lives up to it's potential as a high quality gaming blog because we need one. It will be a great number two in the industry if they can pull it off. Make no mistake, what Giant Bomb does is special and hard to replicate. The quality of design this site has is staggering and the type of coverage we get in gaming is really head and shoulders above other sites.

#102 Posted by kishinfoulux (2282 posts) -

LOL at the hate in here. There's nothing wrong with liking another site besides Giantbomb. And it's not like there are a lot of good gaming sites out there. Could always use one more. And the whole "gods gift to gaming" thing is nonsense. Stop looking for things that aren't there. It's a very talented group of people. And hate on Arthur Gies all you want, but dude can write his ass off.

The site hasn't even launched yet and they already have good content up. Let's not be so close minded please.

#103 Posted by Bollard (5426 posts) -

Hmm those videos were awkward as fuck.

#104 Posted by wjb (1655 posts) -

I'm looking forward to Polygon since I respect most of the people signed on, but that first video is kind of gross in a douche-y, marketing/brand-awareness, "Generation Next" sort of way. And revealing your site's name at a panel is sort of lame; no one cares as much as they want people to.

And purely basing it off that one video, but even though I laughed at spots, the humor sounds forced and self-aware -- like laughing at your own jokes. That's why I was always drawn to the Giant Bomb guys; they have wonderful chemistry and everything sounds organic.

Still do not understand the Arthur Gies hate. He has a mopey personality and doesn't act like a clown for everyone's amusement, but I respect him a lot because he gives a shit about what he does.

#105 Posted by StriderNo9 (1087 posts) -

This Arthur Gies seems like a really polarizing individual. I'm willing to give him a shot simply because of the strong sentiment he's bring out of people lol. At least he's interesting.

#106 Posted by jmood88 (394 posts) -

I like some of the writers over there but I can't stand the podcast cause their voices are annoying as hell.

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@StriderNo9 said:

@DreamsTornaApart said:

@Mikewrestler5 said:

The videos they have shot and cut together are miles ahead of what GB has done since its inception.

They are shooting good videos but they haven't put up anything compared to GB right now.

If i'm not mistaking its AREA 5 who does their videos. So thats why the look so fucking good, those guys know their shit. I hope they will continue to use them.

#108 Posted by AssInAss (2618 posts) -

Ok, that PAX video was hilarious. I know all of these guys except for Russ Frushtick, but I'm now a big fan of him.

Mark of the Ninja vs Journey. It makes so much sense...

#109 Posted by RampageAssassin (426 posts) -

After listening to The Besties I'm now a fan of these guys. They are hilarious !

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@BrockNRolla said:

@planetary said:

Reserving judgment. I only have bandwidth to follow one site and podcast primarily, and I like my Giant Bomb just fine. :)

Dude, where do you live?

North Korea.