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I just recently noticed that I've never played a proper Sims game. I only ever played Bustin' Out on the GBA, which was awesome, but it's not in keeping with the rest of the franchise. So what about you? Any franchises you just never played?

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I have never played anything with Warhammer in it's name.

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  • Assassin's Creed
  • Final Fantasy
  • Pokemon
  • Halo
  • Silent Hill
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  • Mass Effect
  • Bioshock
  • Final Fantasy
  • Resident Evil
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Splinter Cell
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I've never really played a 2D Mario game.

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God of War comes to mind. I've been meaning to change that for a long ass time, I just haven't gotten around to it.

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So, in actual fact, you have played a Sims game.

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Basically all of the Sony exclusives. I played God of War: Ghost of Sparta and I just couldn't stand the dull gameplay and gratuitous sex scenes. As far as I know, the whole series is basically that, so, no, thank you. But no.

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  • Halo
  • Gears of War
  • Resident Evil
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • God of War
  • Forza Motorsport/Gran Turismo

The only franchise I've never played that I really want to is Yakuza. Most of the exclusive franchises for 360 and PS3 hold no interest for me whatsoever.

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I have never played one of the many entries in the critically acclaimed My Notebook series..

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  • God of War
  • Uncharted
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Resistance
  • Sly Cooper

Basically any major Playstation exclusive.

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  • God of war
  • Demon Souls
  • Sly Fox
  • Starfox
  • Metroid
  • Street Fighter

I feel this list is too long already...

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Haven't played a Nintendo game since N64, but believe me I have absolutely no desire to.

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Anything made by Nintendo and I've missed every Japanese RPG except for Dark and Demon's Souls.

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Never touched The Sims or Demons/Dark Souls over here. Hadn't actually touched either Portal game until this week, where I was totally entranced by the first one and played it in one sitting. I don't know if you've heard of this Portal thing, guys, but it's pretty good!

Every other major franchise in the history of man, I've had some experience with.

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Pokemon, Monster Hunter, anything with Shin Megami Tensei in the name.

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Anything big on the PC. Like Balders Gate or Starcraft.

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Anything Nintendo, Mario being the standout. I always feel confused when people talk about all of Nintendo's great franchises and characters, none of them look in the least bit interesting to me and without the nostalgia other people seem to have have for them, Nintendo hasn't done anything worth caring about since the launch of the Wii.

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  • Castlevania
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Final Fantasy
  • Metal Gear
  • Resident Evil
  • Zelda

Yeah... pretty bad.

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  • Metal Gear 4
  • StarCraft
  • Diablo
  • I did like 5 minutes of Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion : /
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@Fattony12000 said:

So, in actual fact, you have played a Sims game.

The best and only sims game! I've never played a God of War game.

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I don't play many of the bigger PC games like Crysis or DayZ. Never played them before in my life.

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Tomb raider. Never saw the appeal of the ridiciously proportioned Lara Croft.

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Apparently the Dreamfall stuff is fairly popular, never touched those.

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Forza or pretty much any other racing game that isn't Dirt 2 or PGR3.

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Final Fantasy.

And I have no desire to.

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@JacDG said:


I've also never properly played a Zelda game. I might have owned one for the original block gameboy but not sure if I did I never got very far.

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Having never owned any of Sony's consoles, pretty much all of the major/great franchises exclusive to the PlayStation.

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Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Castlevania, and Diablo are the first that come to mind, but I'm sure there are lots more venerable franchises that I've completely passed over, for various reasons.

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Halo comes to mind.

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Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Zelda,Metroid, Silent Hill

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I've never played a Metroid. I would really like to get into the series at some point, but with each new release the prospect becomes more and more daunting.

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I have, not once, completed any game made by Nintendo.

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There's a couple of popular franchises I haven't played. Mostly because I don't care much for the specific theme in them.

  • Resident Evil
  • Silent Hill
  • Pokemon (This one I haven't played because I've never really owned a Nintendo handheld)
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I thought I'd commented on this before...

Anyway, I've never played a Silent Hill game, a Tenchu game, Boktai, a Tales of ___ game, a Mana game, Earthbound, Metal Gear Solid, Shenmue...

...yeah, I can't think of much else. There are already some "cult classics" on that list, and you could probably dig down and find some cult series that I've never touched or even heard of before, but generally, if it's even remotely well-known or well-regarded I've played at least some of one of its entries.

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@soapy86 said:

I've never played a Metroid. I would really like to get into the series at some point, but with each new release the prospect becomes more and more daunting.

You can skip the first and second games, the two DS games (Pinball and Hunters), and Metroid Other M. Zero Mission and Fusion are good, but not necessary. Neither are the latter two Prime games. Which leaves Super Metroid and Metroid Prime (two of the best games of all time), unless I'm completely missing something.

Honestly, the Metroid games have a storyline and continuity, but you could pick up any one of them and not need the others to know what's going on and, really, the story is not the reason to play those games since, in most cases, it's pretty minimalistic and in the background.

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Up until last week, I'd never played a BioShock game, but I've been enjoying it... I'm surprised at how little I actually knew about this game, but it is exactly like everyone told me: totally killer.

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  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Silent Hill
  • Mass Effect
  • Uncharted
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I have never played the Fallout series, neither the Max Payne series.
I think it is because I'm so fed up of playing games with guns, yet I adore games like Half-Life and Mass Effect... irony...

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God of war - Diablo - Dragon Age