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Portal 2, but not this week. Looks to be a much superior game

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Of course more people are going to pick Portal 2.GB has a bigger PC community than a fighting community.

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None... there is no PC version of MK. I liked Portal but I won't be paying full price for Portal 2. Steam sale :)

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I'm going to wait for a price drop too for portal 2 I totally would get the new mk in a heartbeat if it came to PC.

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@Agent47 said:
" Of course more people are going to pick Portal 2.GB has a bigger PC community than a fighting community. "
Too be honest, i just wanted to take advantage of the name "portal Kombat". Your probably right, but i still think Jeff and Brads love for fighting games will bring in some people.
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None of them, not really interested

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None due to lack of funds. If I had the money I'd get MK though.

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Most likely both for me.

After seeing Gabe Newell walk out on the Sony stage during E3 that's when I decided I was going to buy Portal 2. After being so anti-PS3 he showed he was going to take a chance on Playstation so I will take a chance with Valve. I'm more of an RPG player so this will be my first Valve game.

I wasn't planning to buy Mortal Kombat until later but after seeing some of the deals out there, I'll probably pick it up today also.
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None, but only because Record Store Day was this past Saturday and that's where almost my entire paycheck went.

EDIT:  I say none for this week specifically.  I will pick up Portal 2 someday in the near future.  I may wait for a sale/drop in price for MK.

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Both, yo! Got my tax return check in the mail, so thankfully I can!

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I really wanna get both, however I've only got money for one. So I'm buying Portal 2

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I bought Portal 2 yesterday (or, preloaded it) and MK arrived in the mail today!

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already have Portal and halfway through it (or so i think) and waiting for amazon uk to ship my MK. one of those weeks where its IMPOSSIBLE to choose just 1 in my opinion, food be damned

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Both. I'm a fighting game fanatic (well, I love SSFIV anyways) and I absolutely LOVE Valve games. It's a kickass fucking week for me in the world of games.

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I've got both preordered from Amazon, they should be here later this afternoon (though I don't have much free time, so it'll be a few days before I can really get into them.

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None since I'm broke. I was thinking about getting Portal 2, but after finding out that it has that Man Co. nickle and dimming store built into it from the get go, I lost all interest in that game. 

I'm still really wanting to pick up MK, but I'm not a huge fighting game fan because I can never remember move combos, so I'm worried that will hurt that game for me. Plus, console games are fucking expensive. I will wait for it to drop to $30-$40 in a few months.
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I find myself not interested in Portal 2 at all (despite my enjoying the first one), and wanting Mortal Kombat a whole lot. Sadly though, I don't really have the time or funds at the moment to get that, so it'll have to wait until it goes on sale or something...

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Both. I wasn't planning on buying MK, but Jeff's review got me totally hyped for it. It seems that even if I'm a complete (non-Saibot) noob when it comes to fighting games, I'll be able to enjoy the new MK. I just got the pre-order on Amazon. I'm getting the classic Sub-Zero and Reptile costumes, yay! ... yay?

And had pre-ordered Portal 2 a long time ago. Man, that game's so fucking sweet...

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Mortal Kombat, probably just rent Portal 2, when I've finished it I don't think I'll ever play it again, so don't think it's worth the price of a new game (70-100 dollars)

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Portal 2 is my game of choice, definitely.

But I just read Jeff's review and the challenge tower in MK sounds amazing.  I love the idea of progressing through a tower of weird, surprising challenges using fighting game mechanics.  I think it's a very cool idea and I can't wait to try it.  It's just enough of a puzzle gameplay aspect to hook me in hard.

I'm buying both today, release day.
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Have both on pre order, waiting for release day (UK) is killing me, then I have the problem of what to play first

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I think a very similar thread already exists.

Also, both.
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Portal 2. I got subzero interest in fighting games ;)

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None, neither interest me, but I am looking forward to watching Jeff play MK on TNT.  Dunno why, but I like watching the fighting game matches far more than playing them,lol.
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had some extra cash this month, so i got both :) FUCK YEAH! can't wait to get home from work and play the hell out of Portal 2 just to go get my copy of MK tomorrow!

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Portal 2 for now. Probably MK after a price drop or two

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I want both, but I have no money, so probably neither.