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My membership is set to renew on the 20th of September. I want get my coupon code today as I know by the time my renewal is up my size shirt and other choices will go out of stock again, along with the possible one day only shirt for the big big live show today.

Is it possible to pay for my next years membership early? Would paying by paypal work? If so would I get the code today?

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@playedalive: I thought that as long as you pay for another year (on thispage), it generates a coupon code, and will just add that year onto however much times you have left. You don't have to use the coupon code right away.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry that much about shirt size? I imagine they expect demand for shirts to be somewhat high during the next couple weeks as people get new t-shirt codes, plus they said on a recent podcast that they're printing shirts in such a way that stock will be more readily available.

Also, I'm pretty sure the member shirts have continued to be available all year round, and there has never been a "one day only" shirt. Did they say they were going to do that this year?

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@BisonHero: Ryan said tomorrow (Friday the 14th) will have a one day only shirt. I believe they've done somewhat similar things in the past. I know that when they did the $35 promo memberships you would get a code that you could plug and chug but I'm unsure about the $50 ones with store codes. You can take a gamble but as Bison mentioned shirts are likely going to be in stock. Otherwise you can do what you gotta do and hope Dave can sort things out for you if it all goes wrong.

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I tried updating my membership (I paid yearly so I just put my card details in again) and it just tells me I will be billed on the 20th. I want to use the code as I am in the U.K. so it will help with shipping.

I saw Ryan Davis twitter feed mentioning a one day only shirt:

you guys didn't buy as many shirts today. tomorrow's LIMITED EDITION ONE NIGHT ONLY shirt will fix your fucking little red wagons