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Received a nifty steelbook with the game, which I wasn't expecting.

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@evan223: got it too today!

Gotta buy em 'all! Plus some other stuff.

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Now I'm broke. I guess Bioshock Infinite will just have to wait.

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This sweet Transistor poster from Supergiants site. They're even selling them signed by the artist.

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Bought this really deep shelf from Ikea for storing table top games. What you don't see are the jewelry/tackle/hobby boxes behind the game boxes that hold the game pieces.

Also, not pictured, an expandable table that can seat 8-10 people when all the extra boards are added. Table is dedicated to table top gaming.

Also, purchased just before the shelf, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and all the available expansions. It's a -really- fun and fast card game.

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