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Here's is one that always cracked the shit out of me:

Davis on Xbox Chat

"I didn't come here to get harassed by asshole teenagers, I get enough of that as it is"

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who can pick one there were so many.

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"Oh God!"

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"... So get really angry about it. It's gonna have a feature. Grrr!"

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"Catch it!"

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"I'm going to ride my fucking resentment into a fucking volcano!"

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"you guys are talking about sex right?"

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After Playing Fable 3 in John Vignocchi's world and encountering a game breaking glitch.

"I feel so bad there's gotta be something right?" - Vinny

"No, he's fucked hahahaha!" - Ryan

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"Hey everybody! It's Tuuuuuuuesday!"

That always was a sign for me that I was in for a fun few hours of talking.

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It's not a quote but I always loved his obscure way of pronouncing things such as "sWord" and "beeta". But the classic is and always will be "Heyyyyy everybody it's Tuesday!!"

If someone could string together that quote from every podcast I would listen to it.

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Basically any time he would sigh after Jeff began talking about Skylanders or Nintendownloads

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"Hey everybody it's Tuesday!"

"That's it for the Giant Buttuh Buh!"


"You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!" (This was always so damn corny haha)

"Fuck this game."

"No, fuck you!"

"I feel like I crossed a line..."

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"God damnit!"

And the way he would introduce people on the bombcast, like Vinny and Brad.

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"Have fun, kids!"

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Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh

....that's really oddly satisfying

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"I am the hat judge! Show me a hat and I will tell you if it's a good hat or bad hat!"

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"I'm a dick, and I want to subject other people to that."

I will miss you, you magnificent bastard.

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"Hot Garbage"

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Yeah he shoots people and his guns are magic...

He's not a magical fucking gun wizard man he's the fucking punisher!

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"Oh, we can't play anymore of this, Jeff!"


"BECAUSE THIS IS TERRIBLE! I can't believe that this was actually allowed to be released to people."

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"I want you to go hell."

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Aaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ryan Davis

Ryan screaming at the top of his lungs. I smile and laugh every fucking time.

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“Hold on, am I sitting at a table with three people that are gonna sit here and defend Renny Harlin movies? Let’s do Cutthroat Island next if we wanna do that. Come on. Come on! John McTiernan! Master of modern fucking actions movies, the guy made Predator, God dammit. If you’re gonna sit here and say Renny Harlin made a better movie than him, you are all assholes, I don’t want to work with you anymore.” - Giant Bombcast, 07-21-2009

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"The people who made Sonic the Hedgehog good, the great Sonic the Hedgehog memories that you have, those people are all DEAD, they're all GONE, alright?"
"Fuck You"
"Hold on to your fucking hats, gentlemen!"

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"That's not A WORRRRRRRD!"

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"...Shoot that guy!"

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@xombi242: much as we all love Whitta, he's no Ryan.