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Hey guys i'm pretty new to PC gaming so if this sounds like a ''noob'' question then so be it. I am looking to upgrade my graphics card from a AMD radeon hd 6670 to a AMD radeon hd 6870, AMD FX 4100 (3.6GHz) i have a 500W power supply and im wondering if im going to need more. Here are more specific details on my specs (scroll down to details in the link)


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The AMD FX 4100 is a processor, not a graphics card.

Anyway, it depends on the wattage that everything else takes up. Add it all up, add 100 or so for overhead, and that's how much you need. I got that from here, a pretty good resource on PC building and pertinent information.

Yeah i know that, i just forget to caption that part. Thanks for the link it's pretty helpfull! I