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http://www.lazygamer.net/general-news/developer-sends-out-positive-reviews-for-us-to-use/ Pretty bloody shady if you ask me...

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Wow. That is really, really poor if that's true, which is looks to be.

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This looks and feels some much like spam that I'm not gonna click that link.

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@ Rappelsiini - I assure you it is not, I am simply passing on some news that I came across.

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It's not a new low; it's been happening for years.

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Takes me to a dud page, seems the article was removed. I'll check google cache.

EDIT - Wait, I forgot I can't do that on pages I can't find. Oh well.

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Just read the whole article, disgusting.

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Sad story...

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@mosespippy - Really? I knew of various ways to try an influence, but this is the first time I've ever heard of actual reviews sent out where they flat out ask reviewers to copy them.