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If so which did you go for, and why?

I've been mostly an Xbox gamer since the first console launched, but i do have a PS3 for my blu-ray movies. My best gaming has been on the 360. Really awesome times.

Having said that i've pre-ordered the PS4 and not the Xbox One for mostly financial reasons. I don't have a lot of disposable income, so pre-owned games make up about 50% of my purchases. Add that to the fact the console is cheaper and it was a no brainer.

I hesitate to mention the other reason because it's hard to explain not wanting an always online camera and mic in my living-room without sounding like a tinfoil hat wearing kook.

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N-no, why would I do that?

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I thought the decision might be a hard one because I'm one of the few on this site that can't get both consoles but with everything that MS has done pre ordering the PS4 ended up being one of the easiest decisions I've made. I enjoyed my 360 for a while but it's about time I jump back on the Sony train.

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nope. waiting for the software to fill out a bit, and manufacturing to work out first-run kinks, then i'll see who has the better value. from here it certainly looks like sony, but a lot can change between now and e3 next year.

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I could get a killer video card for $400... (actually I'll likely go the $250 route)... We'll see where we are with console only exclusives in 12 to 18 months past launch and reevaluate (note that I used the royal "we" there... that's how important I am)...

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I've decided to jump on board the PS4 train and have the console preordered.

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I have a PS4 preordered.

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Why isn't this a poll? As for me, I went PS4. No online checks, no system-level DRM, cheaper AND more powerful? Why would I go anywhere near the Xbone?

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I'd preorder a PS4 if I had the money, but I'm waiting for a price drop or two.

Literally zero interest in owning an Xbone with the current policies.

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Both because I'm an idiot.

Although i can't really justify why i ordered the XBONE...

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Nope, I have never bought a console on the day of release, and don't plan on starting now. I buy a console because there's a bunch of stuff I want to play on it, and none of those games are close to being out yet.

(also, I'm a bit strapped for cash so...)

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I put a deposit on a PS4 today, November can't come soon enough, I just wish we had an actual date

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I have not pre-ordered either, and most likely won't unless I come by a large sum of money soon.

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February 21st, I took an early bus downtown and became the first non-worker/worker-family to pre-order a PS4.

I called to ask some things, asked them to verify my information was right on the paper, and I heard a shuffle of a good amount of paper. The PS4 will sell like the Wii unless something changes.

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Nope. I'll wait in line at a midnight launch somewhere. That's half the fun.

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No, I'll go buy one once they're out. None of the known launch games are super interesting to me at the moment so if I don't get one on day one it's not that big of a deal.

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I pre-ordered a PS4 on Amazon, 'cus why the hell not. They don't charge my card until they ship, so if I change my mind/can't afford it, I'll just cancel.

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Yup, went ahead and pre-ordered a PS4 from Amazon. Doesn't charge me until it ships, so if I decide later on not to go ahead with it, I'll just cancel it.

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@mister_v said:

Both because I'm an idiot.

Although i can't really justify why i ordered the XBONE...

The Xbox 360 launch was fun though, because we all had a different console every three months courtesy of Microsoft and the three red lights of joy.Maybe you were hoping for some of that fun again?

I have pre-ordered a ps4.

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Yes as soon as I could

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@councilspectre: Re-do this as a pole and ask a mod to delete the thread.

I've pre-ordered a PS4

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Pre-ordered a launch PS4 from Amazon. I haven't gotten a day one console since the PS2, so I'm excited.

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Sure, I've got release-day guarantee preorders on Amazon for both. I may at some point decide to cancel one of them (not sure if there are enough launch exclusives to justify getting both immediately), but at least I'm locked in for whatever I decide to go with.

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I pre ordered a PS3 from Amazon.com, but mostly on a lark. To be honest, I have the money so even if I buy the wrong thing...meh, it is just a few hundred bucks. The 'real' purchase I will think about is what sort of storage to buy, HDD or SSHD? The question will be could the PS4 even benefit from a hybrid-drive.

The other question would be if I should waited until another generation of SSHD drives come on the market before upgrading. Moreover, should I just plan to keep buying faster and faster SSHDs because the PS4 can address some incredible amount of data-bus speed? That's the unknown for PS4.

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If you buy a console at launch you're asking for it to break on you. There's nothing at launch I want enough to drop that money on day one.

#27 Posted by mandude (2669 posts) -

Wasn't expecting to get anything near day one, but preordering a PS4 turned out to be a very easy decision.

#28 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7617 posts) -

No way. It'll be at least a year by the time there's a decent library of games on either system and by then they'll be far cheaper. I don't see the benefit of being an early adopter at all, unless you just want to be first to have the new shiny thing.

#29 Posted by Tobyus (102 posts) -

no, not yet. Payday for me is 25th. So, that weekend im gonna pre-order the XONE.

Why? I just want that Xbox. I dont think I can switch to a whole other system and all that. Im so used to Xbox.

#30 Posted by oldenglishC (977 posts) -

Even though it was against my better judgement, the $399 price point was just too good to pass up. Hopefully the PS4 is bolted together well.

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I pre-ordered bofum.

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I'm definitely in the minority on this, but I don't think I'm ready for a next gen console. There's so many Ps3 games I want to play and I think I would prioritize a Vita/3DS/Wii for cheap over a next gen console. If I do get a next gen in the next year it'll be a used / on-sale WiiU, and that's mostly for the Virtual Console + Wii games + future smash.

#33 Posted by AngriGhandi (784 posts) -

As a 360 owner, I pre-ordered a PS4 in my head the minute Jack T said it would play used games and not require online check-ins. Then I actually pre-ordered one the minute that... uh... the other guy said it was only $399.

I feel like, unless you really like Halo, the choice is pretty blindingly obvious-- at least at this juncture.

And I've been waiting years for the next gen to finally come around, so I'm pretty stoked.

#34 Posted by Hunkulese (2787 posts) -

Went with a PS4 since it looks like it'll have a better launch lineup. I'll probably order an Xbox if it turns out Dead Rising 3 is actually a Dead Rising game.

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Xbox for me. I live across the country from all my friends and family, and I trust Microsoft more when it comes to online functionality. With sharing digital games between 10 family/friends, I'll actually be able to trade games easier with the Xbox digital scheme then I would with the PS4. I've also trained my dad to use an Xbox and I'm not sure he can handle learning a new ecosystem.

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I preordered the PS4 on Amazon, it's my first time ever pre-ordering a console.

It's Amazon, so yeah, I can back off at any time, I might feel stupid about it in a few months. There aren't that many games coming out on it that I'm interested in, and those that interest me aren't even guaranteed to be in the launch line-up. That'll always be a nice way to play cross-gen titles like Watch_Dogs - it will be there at launch right? Also I have a Vita, so playing PS4 games on it should be pretty sweet. But overall, I just wanted to vote with my wallet, I guess.

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preordered a PS4 minutes after the conference ended

#38 Posted by doosmacleod (189 posts) -

I really want to pre-order a PS4, but I'm entering a nebulous money state.

Really, though. I haven't been this giddy about video games since PS1/2.

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No, because I am not that stupid.

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I put in an order for the PS4 pretty much as soon as Amazon started taking them. I know I want to get one as soon as I can, and I have no desire to pre-order at a store like Gamestop(I did that for the Wii) or go wait in lines at a place like Wal-Mart(I did that for the 360). I had already made the decision to go with Sony before E3, or any of the Xbox used game stuff was even announced. The price and everything else Sony/MS said just helped solidify my decision.

Edit: Forgot to say why I made that decision. It was simply that I have enjoyed PS+ far more than I ever enjoyed XBL gold. Then MS told me I can't rent games. I have Gamefly, and rent almost everything I play. I only buy games I really love, like Mass Effect, Skyrim, Persona 4 Golden, etc. Something I will only play once, like Infamous, Gears of War, Uncharted, etc, is all rentals. So for me, no rentals means no purchase.

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I've pre-ordered an Xbox One. I think for me it's the better choice and I have a little faith left in my tank, even after the bizarrely bad messaging skills of Microsoft at the moment. I think it's got the better long term chances and when I was a Playstation guy I felt burned on getting early PS2 and PS3. PSX was a pretty good buy, I went through three of them.

If I was wise I would wait six months to a year to see how it all pans out. But I won't, I'm a sucker for new shit.

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I already have a Wii U. For the other two, going to wait. Really want Kingdom Hearts 3.

#43 Posted by pjdebrem (20 posts) -

Pre-ordered the Xbox One

I'm 100% behind the move to an all online platform + I watch alot of video on my 360 and love what they are doing with the HDMI-in

#44 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1844 posts) -

Ill wait.

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Ps4. Anecdotally at the retail store I work at we're dead even on preorders for them

#46 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

I pre-ordered a launch PS4, which is weird because the only other gaming thing I've ever pre-ordered was Witcher 2.

I was just so happy that I wasn't going to get cut out of console gaming all together after hearing the Sony press conference. Console gaming baby! 2014 will be a good year!

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I pre-ordered each on Amazon as soon as they went up because it doesn't cost me a cent. I'll see which one I'll end up buying come November and cancel the other (leaning pretty hard towards PS4 at the moment).

#48 Posted by owlmassive (67 posts) -

Traded my 360 kinect and all my games and thats covered the cost for my ps4, I did that the following day after the first reveal

#49 Posted by elitefury (55 posts) -

I'm ready for the next generation. Sony has down on day one because of the price, games, and lack of baggage. I'm sure ill get a Xbox next year though.

#50 Posted by M_Shini (551 posts) -

I only tend to pre order closer to launch of things in general, but i will prob pre order the ps3, and im not sure if i will get both right away even thought i am capable of doing so, will just wait and see.