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#51 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Pre-ordered a PS4 from Amazon.de, but I can just cancel it whenever since they don't charge until they ship

#52 Posted by PatODay (220 posts) -

I've pre-ordered both, this will be the first time I have the means to get consoles at launch so I figured I would go all in for it. Plus, if I change my mind regarding a console I can always cancel the pre-order.

#53 Posted by Scrawnto (2472 posts) -

I have not, but I did just buy a new video card, hard drive, and case for my PC. That's pretty much the same thing, right? I get to enjoy mine now instead of in five months too!

#54 Edited by The_Ruiner (1159 posts) -

I never buy any console in the first year. That's how you get stuck with red rings and bad disk drives. I'm gonna wait about a year and see what develops.

#55 Posted by ExcessDebris (146 posts) -

I pre-ordered a ps4. I haven't gotten a console on launch day since the dreamcast, but this console generation has been so long and I am out of school with a full time job so I thought it'd be fun to preorder one. Not really feeling the Xbox One yet, I just kinda like Sony's philosophy this time around even though I never buy used games. With an amazon order I don't get charged till it ships and I can cancel anytime. At least now I'm guaranteed one on launch day unless I change my mind.

#56 Edited by dgtlty (173 posts) -

Never picked up a launch day console before but this E3 got me pretty excited so I put a small deposit down for both.

#57 Edited by CouncilSpectre (311 posts) -

@owlmassive: I completely forgot that i did that on the lead up to the 360 release! Traded my xbox and games. It sucked going for months with only my old N64 to play on.

I couldn't do that now though. I have too many hard fought game saves and to many awesome games to play on my 360 to ever consider getting rid of it.

#58 Posted by Strife777 (1619 posts) -

Pre-ordered a PS4. Also got a PS Eye, cause why not.

#59 Edited by Zacagawea (1624 posts) -

Xbone Day One thing. I don't really know why, honestly. Mainly because of Remedy, I guess. Sony obviously wants my money more and trust me, they'll get it. Just not at launch.

Edit: Actually, cancelled the Xbox and preordered the launch day W__4TCH_D4G$_ PS4. Feeling good about that.

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#61 Edited by BoOzak (999 posts) -

PS4, I went out of my way to find a site that didnt ask for a deposit though. Just in case they announced a better bundle or something. Only game I want on the Xbone at launch is Dead Rising 3 which despite it's less japanesy tone looked pretty awesome. But it's Capcom, I doubt it'll stay exclusive for long.

#62 Posted by Little_Socrates (5731 posts) -

Nope, don't have the funds yet and don't know where exactly I'll be when the console ships. I will probably pre-order when we get a hard date.

#63 Posted by hacksword (61 posts) -

No. I have no plans to buy either console. I'm happy with PC gaming.

#64 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19395 posts) -

Pre-ordered the PS4, yes.

#65 Posted by RioStarwind (578 posts) -

I pre ordered the ps4 since I'm a idiot that likes video games way to much. Which is also why I'm still thinking about pre ordering the Xone even though the policies are horrible.

#66 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

Xbox One pre-ordered, because it's awesome!

#67 Posted by billyhoush (1207 posts) -

The most fun part of system launches is waiting in lines and driving around trying to snag one on the release date. I haven't done that in a while and I hope to do so with the PS4.

#68 Posted by Church069 (254 posts) -

I have both pre-ordered, and unless some type of financial catastrophe happens, I plan to get both on launch. I figured that I would end up with both consoles anyway within a year, so I might as well get them both at launch.

#69 Posted by BRich (440 posts) -

Pre-ordered Xbox one as soon as possible. I had all 3 consoles this gen and only used my xbox, ps3 got used for Uncharted and Blu Rays.

#70 Edited by Hunter5024 (6067 posts) -

I'm probably going to preorder the ps4 in august when I get financial aid from school, because circumstances screwed me out of a job. If one of my interviews pans out I might preorder one with my first check, but I'm still waiting to see if they announce multiple skus. Also I'd like the fuzziness around what the launch titles are to be cleared up a bit. No point in buying it if there's nothing I want to play.

#71 Posted by AiurFlux (903 posts) -

PS4. Xbone I'm not even going to bother with for obvious reasons, in particular the attitude of the company overall with special attention thrown towards Don Mattrick. WiiU I don't consider next gen so yeah, but I'm going to get one of those as soon as Smash Brothers comes out. I don't really know why I'm getting them though, the three games that I'm probably going to be playing this year (AC IV, Watch_Dogs, and Battlefield 4) I'm going to be playing on PC.

#72 Edited by JouselDelka (966 posts) -

I never pre order anything, I don't pay for a product before it's out - before I get a chance to see if it's worth the money. I'm paying with big money not with tree leaves!

#73 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1561 posts) -

I haven't pre ordered my PS4 yet. I will eventually, I just want to put more money in the bank and set some aside for it. It's kind of how I do things before I buy anything.

#74 Posted by nintendork666 (203 posts) -

Nah - I still have plenty of PS3, PS2, and even PS1 games to catch up on.

#75 Posted by Tophat666 (237 posts) -

I've pre-ordered a PS4 mainly for price, & games. I don't hate the XBO, im gonna get One (lol) down the line (I buy everything), but if you asked me which one I want more right now, it's PS4.
When I mean, I pre-ordered it, I actually paid the whole thing off in full. Gamestop was asking for $100 just to pre-order, so I went to the bank on the way back, & thought hey I have the money now, & im gonna spend $400 in the long run, I just ended up buying the whole thing up front.

#76 Edited by JoeyRavn (4996 posts) -

No. I have no plans to buy either console. I'm happy with PC gaming.

Same here. High-end gaming PC + Wii U (for exclusives, mostly) and 3DS XL. I'm settled for this gen. I have literally no interest at all in Microsoft's and Sony's new consoles. Maybe, just maybe, I end up getting a PS4... but I sold my 360 with all my games yesterday, and I fear that I will do exactly the same with what is basically a spiced up version of it.

#77 Edited by Cold_Wolven (2327 posts) -

Preordered the PS4 because that's the console I'm most looking forward to and also I was a little worried supplies for the PS4 would be low because of the global launch.

#78 Posted by wemibelec90 (1878 posts) -

I did pre-order a PS4 (through Amazon, so I don't have to actually spend the money yet), but just so I have the option to own one at launch if I choose to do so. I haven't decided whether or not I will end up going through with it yet and probably won't for several months.

#79 Edited by CaLe (4072 posts) -

So far just the PS4, though I'm sure I'll end up with both.. can't resist exclusive games--unless they are made by Nintendo, then I have no problem resisting.

#80 Posted by DeanoXD (635 posts) -

PS4 pre-ordered, and i think i will wait until spring for a xbone

#81 Edited by crunchmonkey (259 posts) -

I've made more pre-orders this week then I have all other times combined.

#82 Posted by SmilingPig (1341 posts) -

No, I don't know enough about the actual lunch titles yet (November-December lunch).

#83 Edited by SniperXan (223 posts) -

Playstation 4 Preordered.

#85 Posted by Grimace (376 posts) -

I pre-ordered both.

I love getting consoles at launch - feels great to get in on day one and see a console's full "arc" of existence so to speak.

#86 Posted by Sin4profit (3027 posts) -

Ffff'uuuck no...why would you vote before the campaign's even over?

Also; PC Master Race.

#87 Posted by KittyVonDoom (445 posts) -

I wouldn't put money down for something as big as a console quite this soon, but did place a free-reserve on a PS4, if just because bandwagons are fun and I haven't been part of a console launch since the Dreamcast. I feel old.

It doesn't help that I don't really know much about any of the games. Is there a list of known PS4 launch games? Everything I see is "TBC"!

#88 Posted by Daneian (1252 posts) -


#89 Edited by Armoes (68 posts) -

Tempted to pre-order, but holding off for now.

Ultimately I'll have many opportunities to buy whichever systems I want in next couple years. Part of me wants one now and would settle for launch, but as I look back at my 360 and PS3, it was okay to not get them day 1.

I will likely get in earlier this time (I won't wait for a PS4 price drop), but I'm also not standing in a line. When I can get one easy, I'll pick one up.

As for the XBO, will it work with my cable box and it's DVR? I'll have to see it in action.

#90 Edited by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

Nah. I was going to get the ps4 as futureshop had a deal where if you pre-ordered 2+ games you saved $20 on each of them. So I was going to grab the PS4 and like 6-7 games I had been planning to buy anyway and save myself like $120. I started looking at the games announced for the PS4 and they seem to be mostly all shooters which I hate playing on consoles so I didn't bite the bullet. There was no deal on the console itself so I just said screw it I will wait. Nothing they have shown yet makes me want to run out and get one. The one or two games that looked neat are not system sellers for me and are games I know I will be able to get for like $20 a year or two after the thing comes out.

If I fall into some money I can blow on stuff then I might grab one, but as it is now I'm just going to keep waiting.

#91 Edited by Levio (1786 posts) -

I only pre-order for the bonuses, and I really don't care about the XB bonuses. I haven't heard of any PS4 bonuses yet, but I'd consider them.

#92 Posted by skelington_ (292 posts) -

I've pre-ordered a PS4 to guarantee that I'm able to get one on release day--but the beauty my rationale is, if I feel less enthused in the months to come, I can always cancel the order and lose nothing. I suggest that individuals who mindlessly deduce that it's "stupid" to do something like that acknowledge the validity of hypothetical scenarios once in a blue moon. If I happen to get caught up in the wave come wintertime, I'll be satisfied knowing I don't have to worry about whether I can acquire a shiny new box or not, because it will be delivered right to my door.

#93 Edited by BaneFireLord (2966 posts) -

Nope. I'll wait until more information on launch lineups and bundles is revealed before plopping down any cash. If Metal Gear Solid V doesn't show up until 2014, I might not even get a new console until then, since Watch_Dogs and ACIV are both coming to PC.

#94 Edited by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

No, I fully intend on getting a PS4 though.

I think i might wait a couple months, or maybe I'll just break down and grab one from wal-mart or something.

#95 Edited by KirillOrlov (270 posts) -

PS4 pre-ordered, how many people ordered an extra controller? also @crunchmonkey why are PS4 games so cheap on that list and where is it from?

#96 Edited by WebScud (118 posts) -

I preordered both on Amazon as soon as they went live. Amazon orders are simple enough to cancel.

I plan on canceling Xbox and keeping the PlayStation.

#97 Posted by Zekhariah (695 posts) -

I've not pre-ordered anything this time around (compared to Wii U at launch). There are not a lot of games that I'm super interested in the launch, so it seems more reasonable to wait until there are a few more games out to purchase. My primary thought is to go whenever Costco puts up a bundle with a 2nd controller + extra game for a slight cost increase over the single unit.

There is still some chance I do not bother with either console though. So far the new consoles have slower CPUs than my PC, and graphically are not any better. So while I am sure that I will eventually buy a PS4 or something.... it is probably going to be yet another console I barely use. I am mostly able to keep up with the slow Wii U release schedule, which makes a sudden option for more games really a non-concern unless a lot of my friends jump on. And I weirdly am uncomfortable even considering the new Xbox1 due to the partnerships with junk food companies.

#98 Posted by Talis12 (488 posts) -

Seeing that pretty much all good games come to PC as well.. no thanks, maybe later.

#99 Edited by geirr (2740 posts) -

PS4, easy. (:

#100 Posted by Khadyn (227 posts) -

Nope...holding off til Dark Souls 2 and Infamous: Second Son on PS4 are released. Xbox One will most likely be sometime mid-late 2014.