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None of the games interest me so far... :/

Is it weird to pick up the console at launch but no games? Anyone else thinking of doing that? I was thinking of picking up the Xbone too while I'm at it, but again, same problem. :/

I wonder if it's a product of age (getting older) or past experience-- I'm just finding it really hard to get excited about launch. I feel almost as if I'm picking up the new consoles out of routine rather than need. There use to be a time where I would be so excited that I couldn't sleep. Now I wonder if it's just me or whether it really is just a lacklustre line-up. What do you guys think?

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I don't think it is that crazy. Anyone who is buying a new console this early is banking on a generation's worth of support. Consoles won't be any cheaper in a year, so if you see a few games that you are interested in coming to the PS4 then I don't see anything wrong with it.

I am picking up KZ: SF at launch, but it certainly isn't something I would consider a "system seller" per se.

There should be plenty of stuff to play and mess around with even if you don't buy a retail game with your initial purchase.

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I think it's extremely dumb. Why spend that money for something you won't use? If it had backwards compatability then I could justify it as a replacement for an ageing ps3 while you wait for a game, but buying it in hopes that something might come out is silly. Wait until it has at least 3-4 games you "must" play and can't get anywhere else before buying a whole new platform. By then there will probably be a price drop or a hardware revision.

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I'm buying an Xbox One cause I want a new console, and the game I'm basically buying it for is Watch_Dogs. There are some ok looking games, games I'd definitely have rented if that was a thing that still existed... if I get super bored after playing watch_dogs I could see myself grabbing the new assassin's creed, maybe dead rising as well based on the vibe it gets after it's release.

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@crusader8463: You're probably right. But the other part of me feels as if there is some sort of novelty in picking it up at launch and I would be remiss if, for some reason afterwards, there was a shortage, like there has been in the past, and it became difficult to obtain. I also like to be kept in the loop so to speak in the gaming community.

Fortunately for me, money isn't really a consideration-- I'm doing quite well financially. I'm just struggling with the principal of the matter. I know, first world problems :/

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Dead Rising 3 is the one game I'm interested in playing and I'll probably pick up a Xbox One too if it looks half decent.

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That sounds really silly to me.

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Well, it's not like it's a game console or anything. I'm sure you can watch Netflix or play Bluray movies on it, although it does seem a bit expensive for a Bluray player.

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Well I guess you can get those free games with Plus...

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There are actually a few downloadable games that look pretty great for launch, some free to play as well. So while it may be weird, it isnt that weird considering the digital options that will be available to you.

I have KZ and Knack coming with my PS4, but have been considering cancelling them to wait for reviews and just play digital games the first of the systems launch. It's an exciting prospect that wasn't previously available for console's.

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I'm sort of in the same boat. I'm getting both consoles, and the only launch title I'm buying for the One is Dead Rising. Might get an XBLA game as well. Everything else I'm getting for the PS4.

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I'm basically getting a PS4 for Watch_Dogs and the promise of some exclusives after launch. I'll hold off on the Xbox One for a while.

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Buying a console at launch is dumb, but buying one without the intent of playing games is even dumber.

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Do you think you will derive, say, $100 worth of enjoyment out of it by 2015-2016 when there's the first price drop? Then no, as long as you're doing well financially, it's not weird.

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There's not ONE game you want? NFS Rivals, BF4, Watch Dogs, AC: Black Flag, KZ Shadow Fall, Knack? Actually Knack looks krap to me, but the rest seem cool... I wouldn't bother if I was you. People accuse Apple fans of being sheep, buying new devices they don't need ... I think the same could be said of gamers. That's not meant to be an insult, but if you don't want a PS4 for the games why bother?

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I'm starting with Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals. I had to get Killzone with my preorder for a guaranteed day 1 unit. The more I see of it, the more I think it will be a lot better than most give it credit for. Love the range of movement and all the special abilities with the owl and the openess of the levels. And damn if it doesn't look colorful clean and crisp. Not yet sure if I'll just pick all three up at launch, or if I'll pick 'em up one at a time. These should last me well until Infamous Second Son comes out.

Especially factoring in all the goodies from PS+. Resogun looks amazing. I guess the PS+ edition of Driveclub is kinda neat. Stay Alive comes with PS+ too. As well as that deathmatch gunslinger game. As a PS+ subscriber, I'll be well taken care of by the guys at Sony. Honestly though, the Free 2 Play games on PS4 are likely going to be pretty amazing as well. One hears only good stuff about Warframe, and Planetside 2 might be absolutely amazing on PS4. War Thunder is great for aspiring pilots. Blacklight covers your Call of Duty-type of needs. And I guess DCUO is a decent MMORPG.

Do you really need to buy a retail game at launch? Between free 2 play games and PS+ subscriber goodies? Definitely not. Personally though, I'm excited for Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals a lot. All that's missing on my plate is a good western-style RPG.

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@nevermore666: Well if you are rich enough to throw away $1000+ on buying new systems and won't even notice then why even ask the question? Buy them and be done with it.

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I wouldn't say that's crazy, but I personally don't see the point in owning something that you could get later...especially if you aren't going to be buying any games for the system this year. There's plenty for me to buy on the system. I personally think it is a waste of money to own the system just for the sake of owning, at least right now it is. I suppose you will at leave have the PS+ version of Driveclub, if you actually buy into PS+.

Personally I will be getting BF4, Watchdogs, and Killzone at launch. I might get Call of Duty but I am not sure yet. By the end of the year I will also get AC4.

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Well there will be some free to play games to try out like Warframe and Blacklight.

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@nevermore666: I'm in the same boat. I'll probably get Killzone cause, ehh, what else am I gonna get? Hopefully it will at least be graphically impressive.

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That's dumb :(

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Not at all. There will be plenty of games out that I want to play before there will be any hardware price drop, and if it's the same for you go ahead and buy it now. Besides, there will be a least a couple of interesting downloadable games right out of the gate, so even if you don't get a full priced game at launch there will still be some options.

If you hang around and wait for "system sellers" and price drops you'll end up missing a few hidden gems. As long as you budget properly I don't see anything dumb about what you're doing.

Plus, I think there's something to be said for the zeitgeist of a new console launch. I have fond memories of being in on the ground floor for new console launches going way back into my childhood.

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On launch day, without spending any additional money, you will be able to play DC Universe Online, Planetside 2, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, and War Thunder. Plenty of solid F2P games at launch.

If you buy (of have) a PS+ subscription you'll also gain access to Driveclub PS+ and Resogun.

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Not something I would do. But you seem to have a lot of money and are happy to buy something that you will barely use initially so why not, I guess. If I had that spare cash though I'd use it to buy something I'd want to use immediately.