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Could not find any info on what is starting in 5 hours.I know the main stuff kicks off at 8am pst but what is starting at midnight?

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Apparently Dave is playing some Elder Scrolls. Dunno, but I'm stoked.

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This is where they drug and kidnap Greg Kasavin and lock him in a room alone with that Skyrim statue looking down at him until the marathon actually starts.

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I am excited to see how long it takes Kasavin to awaken from the chloroform.

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I get the feeling Dave has all of the previously released ES games ready for an exhibition. I don't think anyone ever knows when it comes to that screwball though :3

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Is this Dave thing available to non-subscribers?  I might watch a bit of it.

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@PeasantAbuse said:

Is this Dave thing available to non-subscribers? I might watch a bit of it.

A Chat Dragon seems to be looming over the Dave thing.

"Duder," it rumbled in an ancient and forgotten tongue, "I can't let you in unless you pay the toll."

I decided it was best to leave the beast alone. I had to wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow morning, after all, and he doesn't appear to be budging.