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My computer is out of commission for a few days so I'm using my iPad for interneting. The website livestream page doesn't load the stream and I could never get it to work on the Twitch app either. Does it have some premium member gate Twitch-side that I'm not aware of? Thankfully live stuff gets uploaded onto the site fast, but I would love to watch the streams live.

Thanks for any help.

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The justin tv app doesn't have any password protection for the member stream. Just have to deal with how bad the app is.

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I thought you couldn't watch the Premium stream on Twitch anyway because they don't give out the password (else everyone could just watch it).

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<p>The password is exposed in the API (only if the API key belongs to a subscriber I presume). I'm hoping to find some way to take advantage of it on mobile, but I don't know how hard that's going to be.</p>