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I'm still subbed for another year before I run out.

But if they have the memberships on sale during the BLLSL I might end up getting one, after which I'll be good until Sep, 2014. Or I might gift it away like I did with the last one I bought.

EDIT: And indeed, GiantBomb is a pretty important website to me. I'm subbed to a few Youtube channels, I check the local newspaper website and then I visit GiantBomb. That's pretty much it. Wikipedia might warrant a mention, since I often read stuff there - but there are no other websites I visit on a regular basis.

#152 Posted by Jaytow (693 posts) -

I'm subbed until December but if they don't improve and increase the premium content then I wont support them for the sake of it.

#153 Posted by DeF (4799 posts) -

@xobballox said:

I'll probably stay subscribed, but I really hope they start putting out more premium content. Hopefully once the website re-launches Dave will have more time and they can get back to Random PC Game.

Really really hoping that's the case. Premium content has been very lackluster the last few months. To some degree it's understandable of course but I feel there could've been a few interesting opportunities for content instead of tons of quick looks for silly download games (not saying those are bad as a whole, just not liking the trade-off).

I really want Load Our Last Save, Random PC Game and actual random videos to come back. The Olympic Video Games thing is definitely a neat idea though I could hardly care less about Olympic Games-games so I haven't really kept up with that.

I'll stay a yearly subscriber on good faith though. Still love these guys.

#154 Posted by DJ_EuroGhost (128 posts) -

I will give money to any website this man is affiliated with

#155 Posted by Geralt (315 posts) -

If any of you guys decided to unsub, would you please disable the adblock? Can you do that for me? OK, are we good?

How's my Marc Maron impression?

#156 Posted by Carryboy (630 posts) -

I have unsubscribed.

#157 Edited by Aetheldod (3509 posts) -

Probably wont ... I loved the idea of supporting Whiskey Media , I liked the synergy of that and heck they needed the support and they produces a huge amount of content not just in Gian Bomb , but across the sites (well excluding anime vice ... and lets be honest comic vine). Now it has been a long time that they have kept doing just the bare minimum with the excuse of we moved to another place etc. Really? That is still the excuse , they have all the equipment they need already , also they say they didnt had pcs for reviews etc , what about the ones you had home? See my point? They just been slacking off in making new content , thats the truth , also they have lots of money (as they are buying a ton of shit) so they no longer need mine , and truth be told I could really use right now what I paid.

Edit: Also Im butt hurt (no other way to put it) that the first time I am able to play on TNT (Persona 4 Arena) , which is very hard being that I do not live in the US and rarely game releases concide and Jeff just out of the friggin blue destroys the lobby and worst the new one puts the 3 bars fuckin barrier.... IN A GAME THAT WORKS PEFECTLY FINE IN 1-2 bars connections . Yeah pityfull and pathetic but that angers me a lot.

#158 Posted by SmasheControllers (2544 posts) -

Resubbing, but maybe not right away.

#159 Posted by Ghostiet (5223 posts) -

I don't know. Maybe I'll win another one? If not, buying it depends how much premium shit they're going to put out in the next few months.

#160 Posted by g6065 (271 posts) -

@SmasheControllers said:

Resubbing, but maybe not right away.


#161 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7240 posts) -

Resubscribe! I just do it as a gesture of thanks for all the content and to support them (even if they don't need it as much as they used to due to the buyout). Still, they work hard, entertain and put out great content!

#162 Posted by Baillie (4032 posts) -

It's crazy to see how it really is basically 50/50 all around.

#163 Posted by EchoEcho (815 posts) -

If I have the money, I'll be resubscribing; it's still worth the $50 to me. Premium content may be slow at the moment, but I'm confident it'll pick up again. And if it doesn't, then oh well -- I supported the site, and that's the primary reason I subscribed in the first place.

#164 Posted by JoeyRavn (4948 posts) -

I'm staying a subscriber, even if the quality of the premium content hasn't been as good as it used to to be since the CBSi buyout... and the quality of the community has taken a plunge too. I don't see paying as a way to access exclusive content, but as a way of "thanking them" for doing all the stuff they do.

#165 Posted by cyraxible (682 posts) -

I haven't found anything that feels as catered to my interests as the stuff the GB crew puts out. Hell yeah I'm gonna continue to support that.

#166 Posted by ShaggE (6325 posts) -

Resub. I'm fully satisfied with what my money is getting me.

#167 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

My subscription isn't up for about 6 months, but unless there is a radical change in the site I'll keep on paying. Getting HD videos and knowing that I'm supporting GB is enough for me. It's not like it's that much money anwyay.

#168 Posted by Humanity (8802 posts) -

Currently the only thing that I really enjoy is Jar Time so I guess I'm paying $50 for one video a month.

I also think that it's somewhat unfair for European members that TNT is not archived for regular users, unless this has changed, because it's roughly 1-2 am when those start for Europeans and most people have work in the morning. Although so far most TNT's have been a real snooze for me and I don't even watch half of them.

I really liked Random PC Game but that has been on hiatus and doesn't look like it's coming back until the new site launches.

So far I'm subbed until February of next year so we'll see. Personally I think the whole subscription model is somewhat dated and should be seriously revised, although I don't know what they would do about all those crazy people out there that bought 2-3 renewals in on sale and are subbed till 2015.

#169 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

Unless I'm seriously tight on money when my subscription runs out, I'll resub.

I expect the content to start picking up eventually.

#170 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4630 posts) -

Unsubbed. There hasn't been much premium content worth watching for a while.

#171 Posted by LiquidS (971 posts) -

Unsubbed. Gave them my money because they were an independent voice in a crowded big business world. Now... well... Still love them but it doesn't feel right anymore.

#172 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1002 posts) -

I'm unsubscribing. Other than Drew's awesome North Korea talk, there just isn't anything worth it to me for premium.

#173 Posted by imsh_pl (3295 posts) -

I must say I'm really disappointed with the lack of new content. To be honest I barely even visit GB anymore, and if I do it's just to rewatch the original and best endurance run. We were promised new exciting content with the site getting bigger, but it's nowhere to be found.

#174 Edited by Karmum (11517 posts) -

I just find it funny when I read one of these threads maybe once a month, or every two months and it's about 50/50 (as somebody already stated) and the common complaint is still the lack of premium content for the subscribers.

They're still getting their shit setup, you know? It's only been (nearly) six months. Half of a year. That excuse got pretty old after E3. I mean seriously.

#175 Edited by Old_Corncob (134 posts) -

There is too much emphasis on the Giantbomb spending their work hours playing video games for review. The end product of that is a number of stars I can look at, and it's not worth much to me.

1. What I need is more emphasis placed on producing video and podcast content for me to enjoy. I don't care if it is premium or not, HOWEVER, I have enjoyed the premium content much more than the general content, "Dave Fortress" and the old-school PC games, Flight School, etc in particular. (Olympics was boring, I only watched about 5 minutes.)

2. I wish they would reevaluate their attitude toward giving their fans what they want. They seem especially arrogant and high-handed with regard to 'Endurance Runs'. If 'Endurance Runs' are what the fans mainly want, then it should be GB's job to get them done. The whinging and insults toward the community about how "hard" it is for GB to sit down in front of a video game and play it on camera, are mystifying. Their refusal seems to stem from a sense of entitlement and being out-of-touch. Their job is to play video games, right? Get to work.

3. Stop shooting "I love Mondays" directly at the windows. It makes the video overexposed and horrible to look at. It looks like a junior high school student video production, except not nearly as creative or funny as those usually are.

4. The mods in the forums are arbitrary and high-handed. I have seen so many interesting threads, that people were excitedly discussing, unfairly locked on a mod's whim. Usually, the justification by the mod is, "I'm not interested in this, so stop talking about it." I can't even start a new thread any more, for NO APPARENT REASON. I guess Zombiepie just didn't a thread I started one day, and now I have no ability to start one again. It was just a "Fuck You," with no explanation or justification. This, the attitude toward Endurance Runs, and the priority on playing games for review instead of producing content for the users, is emblematic of the superiority complex that I feel characterizes GB somewhat, that has soured me on the site.

#176 Posted by jNerd (2011 posts) -

I'm definitely going to resubscribe. Even during weak months when not a lot of premium content comes out, how much money is actually being wasted? My Xbox Live account just sits there collecting dust too. I enjoy the laughs the Bomb Squad bring into my life, I hate ads, & I love HD video. Nuff' said.

#177 Posted by Fattony12000 (7037 posts) -
#178 Posted by TMThomsen (2070 posts) -

I resubscribed, but I honestly don't think it's worth the money at the moment. It felt right when they were a small "indie site", but since they went corporate it just seems pointless. Also, I've noticed a drop in the amount of content and the quality thereof (the CS:GO quicklook was horrible for instance).

#179 Posted by Morello (76 posts) -

Aside from the obvious fact the my money won't be going to directly support the Whiskey gang as it did when I subscibed, what made Giantbomb so good pre-buyout was the great wealth of personalities the Whiskey offices had. I miss the synergy between them as someone previously said, and in my opinion the general content, never mind the sorely lacking premium content, of Giantbomb these days hasn't approached what they were doing previously even without the others around for whatever reason. I still enjoy the odd Quicklook but I don't think this is enough for me to give to a corporation rather than a family.

Every time I catch a glimpse of Sara in a Mondays video she looks like she would rather be anywhere else, it's heartbreaking for me to watch. Probably not how she feels, but it's how it looks to me.

Money is tight and unless there is a very good sale on a membership I can't see me resubscribing in a couple months.

#180 Posted by DeeGee (2113 posts) -

I'll resubscribe when they start putting out the amount of content that they used to.

#181 Posted by RenMcKormack (1072 posts) -

I have paid 110 or so a month for cable plus internet.

I literally despise most things on TV

I watched the first endurance run three times. Its well over 100 hours i think, and puts it in the running for like longest running serial. Like MASH or something.

At that time I paid them nothing.

50 bux or 100 bux is worth it to me to pay them/cbs/whoever the fuck back, for the amount of content I received. Like nine full seasons of a regular tv show. It evens out.

#182 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

I've got well over a year or so on my gold, but the absolute dearth of new subscriber content I've yearned for has really put me on the fence on re-upping.

Honestly, I never subscribed to begin with for any extra content. It was a thank you for the tons of free entertainment they've provided me with, and I hate being a negative Nancy about the Bomb Crew which I appreciate so much, but the lately their heart just hasn't seemed as into it as before. We'll see now that the pace of the gaming release schedule heats up, but it just seems like there's been far between gold like their SNES or Olympics marathon which they could be poised to have done more things alike in the slow summer months. I'm not asking for a (dare I utter the words) Endurance Run, but where's the Scrub Leagues? The Hall Of Fame thing Jeff was gonna do? Hell, I'd love for them to just copy Super Best Friends and have them play a game of Mario Party or something like that against eachother. I mean Super Best Friends have copied them with their ER, fair is fair. The TNT where they played Fortune Street was a slice of fried gold.

Bottom line is, I'll probably re-up on my gold cause I wabba support the site as much as possible, but for the first time ever, I actually have my doubts.

#183 Posted by RetroVirus (1457 posts) -

I will stay subscribed until the end of time!

#184 Posted by Petiew (1328 posts) -

I've already unsubscribed. Over the past year or so my interest in the content has been waning to the point where I barely even watch the free content anymore. I've started to turn quick looks off without even getting half of the way through. Most of them seem to consist of fumbling around and ignoring tutorials resulting in them having no idea what to do before they begin to sigh and complain. A lot of the quick looks just seem half hearted and spread misinformation or give a bad look at the game. I guess it doesn't help that my two favourite genres are fighting games and jrpgs, making any coverage on these almost unwatchable. 
Promises of new premium content have been coming for months, but we've still not seen any. As it stands now, there just isn't any value in a subscription.
I also agree with the comments regarding the endurance run. The staff's reaction when someone even dares to bring up the name is ridiculous. The Deadly Premonition and Chrono Trigger ones only took roughly 20 hours each. I don't see what the huge issue is.
The Madden Quick Look was great, it was funny and entertaining. Seems like there have been so few of these lately, so I'm unsubscribing until content improves.

#185 Posted by Gamer_152 (14051 posts) -

I renew every month and I'll keep on resubbing. It's not much money, it supports the site, and I get a fair bit of content for doing so.

#186 Edited by Napalm (9020 posts) -

@Petiew said:

I also agree with the comments regarding the endurance run. The staff's reaction when someone even dares to bring up the name is ridiculous.

To be fair, they're literally asked at every turn about when they're doing a new Endurance Run. What was once started as a pleasure and enjoyment to finish a game has turned into some rally cry at every corner. I can't blame them for wanting to not even talk about it. it kills the spirit if people keep jamming it down their throats. They've also said repeatedly on multiple occasions, "hey, please don't ask about this because we've clearly stated our stance on it multiple times." And guess what? People keep asking. Nonstop.

#187 Posted by CaLe (3910 posts) -

I'm seeing less and less reason to renew my subscription as time passes. I originally subscribed simply to support them, but now they don't seem to really need it. Jeff contemplating buying a $100000 car, albeit a passive remark, doesn't exactly give me a feeling that contributing actually helps anything.

If there was a decent amount of premium only content I wouldn't need to feel I was just donating. I'd feel like I am paying for something, but there's been so little content it doesn't seem worth it.

#188 Posted by mscupcakes (612 posts) -

If they have a sale on premium memberships again I'll be renewing mine. Although I never got a whiskey t-shirt so maybe paying full price this time around will be worth it for the shirt.

#189 Posted by Brodehouse (9581 posts) -

If they have a sale on premium memberships again I'll be renewing mine. Although I never got a whiskey t-shirt so maybe paying full price this time around will be worth it for the shirt.

I always buy the shirt deal, because at least I know I'll always get my money's worth out of a shirt.
#190 Posted by chilibean_3 (1619 posts) -

I likely get more entertainment from the Giant Bomb duders than any $60 video game. So the decision is pretty easy for me. I want Giant Bomb to be around forever and ever to keep me entertained.

#191 Posted by Irvandus (2818 posts) -

I'm going to stay subscribed even though their has been a serious drought of premium content even by GB standards. I understand though because of the lack of a reliable gaming pc.

#192 Edited by Insectecutor (1177 posts) -

Like many I subscribed to support the site. CBSi are sustaining them now, and their premium content and general attention to the community reflects that.

Hearing Jeff on that last Radio Show when Dave's sister suggested they should get a fixer: jeez. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. She's right. Tested have one and shit is getting done. When Jeff said he couldn't get Descent to work in Windows for the videos he mentioned months ago, a dude called in and told him how to do it high-res wide screen and all. Jeff replied that he knew of this method all along. He also knows of GOG. What the fuck happened to having an idea and just doing it? Meetings? Maybe they should have a meeting about how the meetings are fucking up both the content and their enthusiasm for their jobs.

Then at the end of that radio show they all get excited to GO DO STUFF like the old days. Voxel Week was invoked. Then they all went back to their desks, sat down, stared at those dead grey walls and cold blank windows and wept. Get a plant for your office.

All this would be a little easier to swallow if they didn't keep saying they'll do stuff that never occurs. The best they could do was Ryan's Olympiad - that was a case of just going for it like the old days - the fact it turned out shitty is a shame and I hope it doesn't discourage them.

#193 Posted by PhilipDuck (530 posts) -

Well i was subscribed but once the content had the major drought when they moved to CBS I cancelled my subscription and I would love to resubscribe if the content picked back up!

#194 Posted by Peanut (953 posts) -

I'll probably resubscribe so I can continue (very slowly) downloading all the episodes of the P4 Endurance Run in HD. I'm going to cancel my unneeded TV bullshit this week and drop the extra cash into a much higher data cap, so that process should be expedited. Even if it weren't for that I'd probably still resubscribe just because a yearly sub is pocket change, even if I think the value proposition is totally out of whack for what you're getting.

#195 Edited by Brenderous (1097 posts) -

I already re-subscribed when they had the viking sale.

@xobballox said:

I'll probably stay subscribed, but I really hope they start putting out more premium content. Hopefully once the website re-launches Dave will have more time and they can get back to Random PC Game.

The Olympic Games Olympiad is great.

#196 Posted by Insectecutor (1177 posts) -

@Brenderous said:

I already re-subscribed when they had the viking sale.

@xobballox said:

I'll probably stay subscribed, but I really hope they start putting out more premium content. Hopefully once the website re-launches Dave will have more time and they can get back to Random PC Game.

The Olympic Games Olympiad is great.

No it is not. The live streams of both weeks were good, but the recorded versions have none of the awesome shit they did in the break, and is just Ryan mashing buttons while Brad stares into a laptop and laughs at the chat.

#197 Posted by Keavy_Rain (129 posts) -

Subbed for life, son.

Giant Bomb filled a hole that the Ziff Davis owned 1up.com left when they went belly-up in 2008.

#198 Posted by Anund (876 posts) -

@Spuirrel said:

I will end up resubscribing since I have hope and enough money, but I'm not impressed by the content as of late.

That's how I feel as well.

#199 Posted by AndrewB (7489 posts) -

Regardless of the content droughts, I feel it should be worth it considering how much entertainment I get out of it for the money. But that said, it's never a definite. I feel like I could have gone a good six months out of the year as a basic member and just caught up on the content that appeals to me with a monthly subscription. But then, there's always the Bombcast. Remember when that was on the chopping block for free members? Everyone should probably be grateful that that never happened.

#200 Edited by Zithe (1045 posts) -

I'm leaning towards unsubscribing pretty heavily right now.

I feel like late 2011/early 2012 was great and I was really impressed that they had stepped up the content compared to the first year of subs. The last several months have felt a little sparse though.

The fact that they have a giant corporation backing them up now is also a factor.