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Hey, I am wanting to become a premium member and I am asking it for a Christmas Gift. I saw back in 2011 they posted you could use codes, but it looks like that website is down. Is this still an option could I receive premium membership as a gift or do I just ask for cash and pay for it myself? I hope this is the right place to ask.


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Does this gift membership include the $15 coupon?

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All the $50 ones include store credit, just the $35 "offer"ones that do not. Should be a sale over thanksgiving if anyone wants one of them.

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Yeah, I would like to know this too.

I was thinking of wishing for a renewel of my Premium Sub BUT I also want to b sure that the store credit is included. Or else I rather ask for money and buy it myself and get it as a gift coupon. Last year I won a community competition and won a Gold membership but there was no store credit along with that. Was that because either the code was won/earned or bought during a sale?

I just want to be sure before I ask. And where can I find this info? I found it nowhere in the Faq.