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So, I'm finally playing Assassin's Creed (on the PC), and man, it's a "press any key"-a-thon. From the menus, to the Desmond interactions, to the cutscene 'glitches', I feel like I'm almost pressing as many random keys to do stuff as intentional ones.

not these glitches, thankfully

Basically, it got me thinking... do people have a specific "any key"? I usually hit "J" for kicks because, hey, my name's Josh, and I'm special. But in this game the prompts pop up so often that I'm just sort of mashing wherever my fingers are, and it feels kinda weird.

I also noticed that I get paranoid and sometimes don't really trust the game that "any key" really means any key. Some buttons on a keyboard just seem wrong to hit in a game. Spacebar, Enter, oh yeah, nice and official. Semi-colon, Tilde... might as well just hit Alt F4. Or maybe you're rebellious and into that kind of thing. Go ahead, hit a Page Up, or why not just tap a 3... on the Num Pad!!!

So, what do you duders do? Specific "any key", or do you just go buck wild on that thing?

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I just slam my hand on the keyboard and call it good. I don't have time to decide what key to press.

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I'm a traditionalist; so, I usually go with Enter or Spacebar. Gets the job done.

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Caps Lock, because fuck your rules, man!

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Master race Scroll Lock. If I don't give it a purpose in life, who will!?

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I don't think I do actually, I just hit one at random. Whatever is close by to whatever I just typed. Probably ends up being some letter key.

I definitely consciously avoid hitting the Windows Key, Escape, Caps Lock or Backspace when I do though.

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I have another question. Did anyone ever have that "press any key" prompt and it didn't work? :P

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I used to type "any key" just to let the game know how witty I was. I did that enough that muscle memory makes me go straight for "a" now.

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Enter, because it is the "en"-iest key. :3

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I usually just click the mouse. Too lazy to press a proper key.

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I press W, Space or the left mouse button. That's where my fingers usually are when playing games so either one of those.

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I actually haven't thought of it but I'm sure it's boring like space or enter usually. Or somethings I jab at the lower third of the keys.

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I think I subconcsiously press enter or space. But I also dont think about it, so could be anything.

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I press spacebar hahaha even with my kid he always press spacebar because it is the bigger one and very accessible.

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I show that keyboard who's boss.

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Usually A on my controller... good old PC games.

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Usually Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. If not, it's Enter key or if I want to put in that extra effort I'll go ESC.

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space bar

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The start button on my 360 controller....... Yes, I know. I'm a bad person.

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I think most people go with spacebar. I'll always try to left-mouseclick but if that doesn't work i'll space it up.

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I just press whatever is closest at the time.

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I use this one.

At least it's not as confusing and frustrating as this genuine Windows 95 error message:

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Probably spacebar or WASD

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Usually Enter, its my go to "any" key

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I deliberately take my hands off the keyboard, extend the index finger (of either hand) and bring it down at random, from above like.

It's a perfect process.

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Usually the Up Arrow key or W.

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The Windows key is a good staple for me... If not that... the 'other' Windows key works just as well.

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I press the left mouse button because FUCK YOUR RULES, MAN.

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@pepsiman said:

Master race Scroll Lock. If I don't give it a purpose in life, who will!?

easy there sicko

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I form an intergalactic space union and blast my keyboard from space with nuclear weapons.

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When I played Assassins creed I used my face on the keyboard mostly.

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"Press any key to enter"

Hits ESC

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I press the enter key, because of deep subconscious superstition that has lead to irrational distrust of pressing any other key.

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@diz said:

I use this one.

At least it's not as confusing and frustrating as this genuine Windows 95 error message:

Same. I get good use out of the any key. That error is also hilarious.

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Mostly Space, because its the one where my thumb is...

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I'll usually click. But ESC is my second choice.

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I press enter, usually. No fancy hipster nonsense here.