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Feels pretty good.

Will anyone top this masterpiece this year?

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@zornack said:

Will anyone top this masterpiece this year?

You and I both know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the PR bullshit we'll see at the console announcements.

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WiiConnect24 is the future, guys.

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Holy shit! That's what Milo is?! I always knew about the name but never saw what it actually was! That's pretty cool. I wonder what his reaction would be if you drew "things" all over a paper and gave it to him? No wonder this never came out. That seems impossible to make.

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@awesomeusername: It worked enough to give people hands on at E3.... but ya I totally understand why they realized they were in over their heads and it would never be up to par to release it to the public.

Remember when most PS3 games were going to be 1080p? Good times, good times.

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ha- i love peter m. he's ridiculous, but i love him.

bring on the BS, i say.

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I have some hope for the kinect 3.0, since EVERY SKU will ship with one i can see it becoming a more viable OPTION for devs on the new xbox. OR MAYBE THEY WILL SPY ON US when we sleep

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Man, i used to eat this stuff up when i was younger. Now that i have seen one or two console launches i'd like to think my BS-ometer is stout enough to handle anything they throw my way.