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So, is there anything up with the chat? I noticed the Twitch chat was hidden or turned off and people were telling me that they were wanting us to use the chat through the site. Well, it shows me 7670 watching/0 chatting...and that's on every browser. Didn't know if I was missing something or if the chat was messing up for other people? I can tell he's talking to people in a chat somewhere. Just curious. Thanks ><

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So, is that a no: no one else is having chat problems? I still am not able to see chat or join as its still showing 0 chatting.

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I also can not see chat

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If you can't see the chat it might be because he's in widescreen, and you need to go to the bottom of the page and choose to open it back up.That's what happened for me.

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@dratter: In the GiantBomb chat? I don't see any option to do any of that.

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@sammo21: For me, whenever the chat is closed there is a little link under the poll that says " Reconnect to chat." You're not getting that?

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@dratter: Nope. They have Brad's stream, Pascual's stream below that and the chat to the right. Nothing about "reconnect to chat" and if I put chat in a separate window I have nothing about reconnecting either.

Same thing happens in Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

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I just asked the mods in the chat if they had any advice, but unfortunately it seems like the engineers are gone for the night so I don't think they have any tech help around. Seems like the best bet is to try using a different browser, I guess?

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Oh, my bad. You already tried. Uhh.. I don't know what to tell ya, man. If you can get into the chat on the charity site or on Twitch, that might be the only way.

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@dratter: As stated, the same thing happens in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Not sure. They also turned off the main chat in the Twitch stream for whatever reason. Oh well. Hopefully when Alexis and them come in later it will change or something. Apparently some people are able to get in but I don't know if those people have been in for a long time or something.

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I hate to rub it in, but it does seem to be a problem on your side because I've been in and out of the chat a few times and it doesn't seem like there's a problem for many other people. There are over 7000 people in chat right now.

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@sammo21: Usually if you log out of the site entirely, then log back in, that fixes whatever problems I'm having with the chat. Though it's weird that the problem is afflicting all of your browsers.

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same problem chat does not work on my browser