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Got my code today and followed the links to enter it and add it to my existing free account.

It lets me enter the code, says I need to fill out some details (which I do), and then just keeps reloading that information form.

Anyone else having any problems getting it work, or been able to get it to work?

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Yeah, I did. It only did it for me in Chrome with AdBlock. I switched over to IE (because just stopping AdBlock for Gamespot didn't work) and it went through.

Hope it works!

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Did you fill out each blank? I left the address blank and it didn't accept it until I filled it all out.

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I have the same problem.

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same issue it does not want to go through. Are people have issues with this outside of the US and canada ?

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Filled all blanks. I am using chrome though like said.

Will try IE.

EDIT: Same problem on IE, says I've left a field blank, which I haven't. Won't let me proceed.

Annoying too, because my Gamespot account already has all the information they are requesting.

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i have tried both IE and Chrome (both did not work) will now try firefox

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Same problems here. I am outside the US. If I choose "N/A Outside US and Canada" it says "One or more required fields were not filled out.". If I choose a random state it just reloads. In FF or with IE.

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Gamespot's welcome back gift for Giantbombers: Racism!

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yep does not work with firefox. I am in the UK So i have the same issue with outside of the US and canada.

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irony of having the UK site but having no UK gamespot total access content or even caring to have auto change to the countys of the UK and Ireland

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@shades846: Yeh same here, there is an aussie site, but no updated form for Australian users.

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Something doesn't work on GS, yea... At least that hasn't changed.

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I have chrome running ad-block and it worked just fine for me. Got my confirmation email and everything.

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All right so at least the state option "N/A Outside US & Canada" has the value "" in the HTML, the same as "Please select" so you can't really select that one...

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@Demoskinos: I assume you are inside the US or Canada then?

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haha, wow. just wow.

I'm getting the same crap. Nice move, GS

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@AdMordem: Indeed.

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ok I made it work I used the old giantbomb office adress state and postal code and it worked, I'll probably get in trouble somehow for that.

edit: but I still see ads and it doesn't look different, maybe it takes a while to activate or something

edit2: ok now it works but my emblem hasn't changed yet I want it to say total access :(.

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will not even let me put the code in because i am all ready a subscriber :(

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It didn't work for me to start, but once I changed my address from 234324 main street to 234q453 main st., it worked. I dunno if that will work for you guys.

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Dave has already notified Gamespot about this. I'm sure they're working on it now.

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Same problem here, thought it was because my adress is outside the US/Canada.

#24 Posted by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

Same here, can't use it because I'm choosing Outside the US/Canada. :'(

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It works fine if you say your from Canada or US. I am Uk and did not want to work. The Irony is....when my made my GS account 10 years ago. I was a 13 year old and you had all the "Dont give out your address or you might get killed" stuff so my detail previously my name was Gwe Bwen from afkl;jfljsfl in Fiji. It would have probably worked better than saying UK.

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Made an account to use this acces code and now I can't even log in.

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Yeah, no logging in for me either.

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Yeah it's not working for me either. I'm in the UK and have a pretty old Gamespot account. Just looping back to the form on all browsers.

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It's still not working, are they looking in to this?

Edit: Just realised they're probably sleeping! Hope it'll be fixed 'til tomorrow then.

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Should everyone have their codes by now? I haven't received any emails and have been yearly since day 1.

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@rbanke: I've had my code for a while, maybe tweet at Dave? Also does anyone know if this issue is fixed?

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Use a US state, address and postal code it works.

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Yeah, I'm outside the US and also having the same problem.

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Side question: I never got my code. Is it for Annual GB subscribers only or something? I was under the impression it was for any subscribers who had been a subscriber before the transition.

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(Just to re-open this thread again) Having the same problems as the others. From the UK, entering all the fields, just reloads and says I haven't filled in the fields. Will try a fake one from America, kind of defeats the point of them having this if I have to do that but 'oh well' on them.

*Edit* Fake address doesn't work for me, just refreshes the page with no error.

*Double Edit* Was using Chrome, switched to Firefox and works fine with my UK address.

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Anyone having the problem, where going to auth.gaintbomb.com/gscode/ says 'not eligible' ?

I haven't received an email either.

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This is the kind of thing you should expect from CBS support. You can't even e-mail Gamespot for any help.