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I posted a similar thread on the PS3 forum, but I wanted to re-post this here, to see if anyone else on other platforms are having similar problems. 
I purchased Space Invaders: Infinity Gene yesterday (see the dual-shooter Quick Look to see what it looks like), and while the leaderboards worked just fine yesterday, today my scores in-game would update, and trophies wouldn't work either (I achieved the conditions for the "Shoot the UFO on Stage Zero" trophy, but it didn't recognize). Is anyone else having similar problems for this game either on the PS3 or any other platform the game is out on? 
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EDIT: Never mind - apparently, after you unlock additional lives, if you then use the higher number, you turn off leaderboards. Quite the nuisance.

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i've been having a slight, but annoying issue on the XBLA version. it seems like when there is a lot of sound stuff happening, the sound drops out. anyone else been having this problem?

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@bigbadron: Yup, same here.  Kind of annoying on a 7.1 surround sound. :/  Found this thread googling for "Space Invaders Infinity Gene Sound Issues". Bah.  Are you on surround too?  What kind of receiver?
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@digital_idiot: i have a cheap ass 5.1 system. i've never had this problem with anything else hooked up to it, just SI:IG. 
i'm glad i'm not the only one.
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@digital_idiot: so my girlfriend was playing SI:IG today and we had the surround sound muted. we heard a faint, short hiss from the speakers, the same sound my system makes when changing sources or going from stereo to surround. so i changed the source from the xbox to just the tv output, and it was just fine. the sound didn't drop once. i'm thinking it has something to do with the dolby digital output. hope that helps a little.