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Ok so lately I've gotten the urge to play FFVII and FFIX lately. So I borrow my brother's FFVII and the controller doesn't work. It works for other games but not FFVII. I then order my own copy of FFVII thinking his might be busted (he did have deep scratches on the disc) as well as FFIX. Well FFIX arrived today and the controller doesn't work for that either. What gives? Can you not play Final Fantasy games with a PS2 controller?

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Ive played 7 and 9 on a ps2 with no problems.. your not trying to use analogue are you?

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9 should support analog. At least it did on PS1.
If I'm not mistaken both emulate well in case you have a decent PC.

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the controller doesn't work at all. I've turned the analog on and off and it just doesn't work.

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i am freakin retarded... i had the controller in port 2 the whole time...

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You are freakin retarded.

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@Meowayne said:
" You are freakin retarded. "
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Valid point, though: if you turn analog on for some older games, it will completely break the game.

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@EthanML said:
" @Meowayne said:
" You are freakin retarded. "
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@Nibbz said:
" i am freakin retarded... i had the controller in port 2 the whole time... "
That made me lol.  I don't know if I have done that but I have done plenty of things along those lines.
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Come on man. Making sure the controller is in the right port is up there with turning the machine on in the first place!

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you see i have my ps2 turned sideways under a stand so I can't see the front. Sunday when I was trying to play FFVII, I had it in port1. But it didn't work so I put it in port 2, that obviously didn't work. When i changed it back today and turned on the game, it still didn't work (that was after I replied that I am freakin retarded lol). So I tried one last thing, something that always seemed to fix my old nintendo.... i blew in the controller input, and voila. Final Fantasy