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What are some good games for PS2 that haven't been made into an HD collection? I've played a lot of games, so try to recommend something out there. RPG games are my favorite. Some I've played and loved include Shadow Hearts 1 and 2, Persona 3, 4, Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, FFX, Tales of Abyss, etc...


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Well SMT: Nocturne is really good, but any of the SMT games would work

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Dragon Quest VIII or Suikoden III, hands down my two favorite PS2 RPGs.

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I second Dragon Quest VIII (I should really finish that game...), and veto anyone who recommends Final Fantasy XII. While I bet it picks up when more characters are added to your party, Vaan is perhaps the most dreadful protagonist in video games. And the camera controls are inverted. And you can't change it.

Even though it isn't an RPG, Shadow of the Colossus has similar trappings, and is almost as perfect as a game can get.

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There are so many good choices... Have you ever played a Star Ocean game? 'Til the End of Time is out there.

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RPG's are fine and all, but how about a nice dose of Steambot Chronicles, AKA Bumpy Trot?

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@Knave: Dark Cloud 2! Maybe not super-RPG, but more people need to play that fucking amazing game.

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As in the other thread, I recommend you check out Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter

I also recommend that, but you should take in mind that that game is balls hard.


RPG's are fine and all, but how about a nice dose of Steambot Chronicles, AKA Bumpy Trot?

Yeah, Steambot Chronicles! I love that game, but mostly because of the whole, riding around in a robot thing. I think everything else in that game was a bit meh.

Rogue Galaxy was okay, even if it did get a bit boring near the end. Xenosaga might be worth a look.